Press Conference of UTBK - SBMPTN 2020 Implementation at Udayana University

Udayana University held a Press Conference related to the Implementation of 2020 SBMPTN UTBK at the Bangsa Room, Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Tuesday (6/30/2020). The Press Conference was attended by print media reporters, electronic media and online media and also aired live streaming through Udayana TV and University's Social Media. As a guest speaker, Unud  Chancellor was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Deputy Chancellor for Public and Financial Affairs, the Director of the Unud Hospital, the Head of BAKH, the Chair of the USDI, and the Public Relations of UMP LTMPT.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi through this press conference said that UTBK 2020 Hybrid and New Normal is a new term from LTMPT which prioritizes the safety and health of organizers and participants. To avoid new transmissions, there is a policy from LTMPT based on input from 76 PTNs that are members. The policies taken included only one exam material, the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS), a change in session which is now only two sessions and a shortened exam time and a pause for the implementation of the Covid prevention protocol, a policy for setting test locations to reduce distribution to UTBK location with collaborate with partner schools of UNBK organizers and implement the Covid prevention protocol strictly. If it is found that participants in unwell condition, will not be allowed to enter the room, then they will be directed to do further examinations to the hospital, and guardian parents are also not permitted to wait in campus area. The Chancellor hopes that the participants stay healthy until they finish joining  UTBK and also hope that UTBK can run smoothly as expected.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gede Antara added that anticipation of the changes has been made and through this press conference colleagues from the media can also disseminate information related to UTBK to the public. The Vice Chancellor also explained at a glance about the capacity and path of admission of new students at Udayana University. The latest information obtained is related to checking body temperature which is a maximum of 37.5 degrees and for those who exceed are directed to do further tests.

In UTBK 2020, Udayana University has prepared 30 examination rooms which are divided into 14 locations located in Jimbaran Campus and Denpasar Campus. Because the application of a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, the capacity that can be used is only half of the total capacity. Participants are expected to see the location of the test one day before and be present one hour before the test. Participants are also expected to continue to update information from LTMPT.