Rector of Udayana University Got Visited by Committee I Member for Legal Affairs of DPD RI Arya Wedakarna

Rector of Udayana University got a visit from Committee I member for the Legal Affairs of DPD RI Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna M Wedasteraputra Suyasa III, SE (MTRU), M.Sc at the Rector's Building, Jimbaran Campus, Thursday (6/18/2020).

This visit was intended to address the news in Social Media related to the aspirations of Unud students about the request for Relaxation of Single Tuition (UKT). Also present at the meeting were the Chairman of the Senate of Udayana, Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs, Deputy Chancellor of Planning, Cooperation and Information, and Head of Bureau.

DPD RI member of Bali Province Envoy Arya Wedakarna at the meeting discussed the national situation amid Covid-19 pandemic and the role of DPD RI. The visit was also conveyed to the Gathering and communication in finding solutions to existing problems, and later to be given recommendations for solving the problem after getting an explanation from two sides.

While Unud Rector Prof. AA Raka Sudewi expressed her appreciation for the presence of DPD RI members related to several things that happened at Unud during the middle of this pandemic where students had previously expressed their aspirations to the Rector of Unud, and the University had issued several policies including (1) providing quota to support online learning system that implemented and has been given in stages until June (2) the provision of direct cash assistance (BLT) to students who are not going home according to the established mechanism (3) for final semester students who are constrained by completing their final assignment due to a pandemic got UKT  free policy by making statement of being able to complete education or graduate until the end of December 2020.

But there are also aspirations from students related to UKT that cannot be realized because the policies taken must refer to existing rules and the impacts they cause. Bearing in mind the Ministry has also prepared scholarships for students affected by the pandemic. The Rector hopes that through the arrival of DPD RI members he can help rectify the existing problems.

Chairman of Senate of Udayana University Prof. On the occasion, Dewa Ngurah Suprapta added an explanation related to UKT regulations and also gave an appreciation for the visit of DPD RI members who were expected to be able to straighten the existing problems and the solutions.

After hearing the explanation from the Chancellor and Chairperson of Udayana University Senate, DPD RI member suggested making a service post for a pandemic affected student who really needed help, and that the policies adopted had to refer to the applicable laws and regulations.