Chancellor of Udayana University received BEM PM Demand related to

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Prof. I Made Sudarma and Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation and Information Prof. IB Wyasa Putra received Audiencing Demand of BEM PM Representatives, DPM and BEM Faculties in the Nation Room, Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Friday (6/5/2020). The meeting was held by implementing Covid-19 preventive health protocol by enforcing distance, wearing masks and body temperature screening. Also present at the meeting were the Heads of Bureaus and Deputy Deans of Student Affairs of Udayana University.

This meeting was a follow-up request from BEM PM related to "Conditions and Readiness of Udayana Student's in Facing COVID-19 Pandemic Period". Some aspirations expressed by other international students were related to UKT (tuition fee) , BLT and internet quota issues.

Chairman of BEM PM Unud Dewa Gede Satya Ranasika Kusuma expressed his appreciation to the Chancellor  who had been willing to receive the demand of students to work together to prepare campus policies in the midst of this pandemic. Through this opportunity the Chairman of  BEM also provided clarification related to the direct arrival of students to the Lobby of the Unud Rectorate on  last June 2nd, and also apologize if there were things that were less pleasing to the incident.

He further stated that the topics of discussion were based on policies issued by the University and conducted evaluations and surveys on 13 faculties. On this basis there are a number of things discussed, the first is the effort of UKT relief for students who are expected to be given tuition fee free from groups of UKT I and II which are middle to lower economic groups. Furthermore, for the affected middle and upper UKT it is proposed to provide a reduction of tuition fee by 50 percent.

The second problem is related to final semester students in the form of submitting UKT relief for students who are hampered from completing their studies.

BEM gives an appreciation of the policies that have been issued, but it is hoped that final semester students can be free from fee tuition, consider they should have completed their studies, but because of the pandemic there are difficulties in completing them. In addition, the policy references from six other universities were also conveyed in the meeting.

The third problem is the evaluation of policies that have been given, especially related to BLT to meet the logistics for students who do not live with parents. Another thing is the quota assistance for students who are expected to be re-evaluated. Quota assistance provided previously has been received, but there are still some providers that have not been sent yet.

Related to Direct Cash Assistance (BLT), it is expected that there will be further BLT considering that many students do not know this, so they are not registered. All of those problems summarized in the demand that have been submitted. It is expected that budget relocation through efficiency can be allocated to help students. Through this opportunity each faculty representative are able to express their aspirations.

Meanwhile Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi on this occasion conveyed clarification and responses to the results of the demand submitted by BEM representatives . The Chancellor also gave a general description related to the process of delivering aspirations by students. For this reason, it is expected that there will be a common perception at this meeting to work together in realizing the vision and mission of Udayana University.

It is realized that this pandemic has an impact to people allover the world, let's sit together to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Udayana University has done several things since the beginning of the pandemic and the Chancellor expressed her appreciation because together they have joined together to prevent the spread of Covid-19. She also said in organization there are rules and regulations that must be followed to uphold good university government. Udayana University as a Public Service Agency (BLU) university is under three Ministries namely the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Research and Technology and Ministry of Finance.

The Chancellor also gave appreciation for the studies/ demand that have been submitted, but in it need to add supporting rules. One of them is related to tuition fee which refers to the decree issued by the Minister. where for the reduction of tuition fee must refer to the rules. Existing rules must be followed because they have risks if violated, and policies issued by the Chancellor have considered various existing rules.

The Chancellor also clarified that every policy issued had taken into account the existing rules and had an accountable basis.

On that occasion the Chancellor also gave an opportunity to each Head of Bureau in charge of direct response to the aspirations expressed by students. The Chancellor requested that the policies that had been issued be implemented, and if problems occur, it could be communicated to find a solution.

The result of the meeting concluded as(1) quota assistance will be evaluated for the disbursement process and if problems occur to be communicated directly with the Head of the General Bureau (2) the continued provision of BLT for students will be discussed further related to the availability of funds and distribution mechanism (3 ) related to UKT (fFee Tuition), a team that will work together to create a more complete study related to the policy will be taken in coordination with the Deputy Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation and Information.