Udayana University One of the Universities Receiving Cash Social Assistance - Higher Education (BST - PT) from Provincial Government of Bali.

Denpasar - Bali Governor Wayan Koster presented BST - PT to the Leaders of State and Private Universities in Bali at Wiswa Sabha Utama Building, Bali Denpasar Governor's Office, Monday (05/11/2020). Besides to Higher Education this assistance is also given to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools / Vocational Schools through the District / City Disdikpora in Bali. This social assistance is one of the policy packages to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in Bali Province to ease the burden on parents / guardians and students. BST - PT is given to PTN / PTS in accordance with the quota taking into account the number of students and the financial capacity of Bali Province.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster said there were 34 universities that received BST - PT, six of them were PTN and 28 PTS. The recipient of BST - PT is determined by the Head of Higher Education by referring to technical instructions made by Disdikpora of Bali Province with an amount in accordance with the quota given. The proportion of the quota of each institution has been made based on requirements. Technical assistance distribution will be arranged by the Head of Education Office and the Governor hopes the process will happen immediately.

On this occasion the Governor also conveyed the steps that have been taken to deal with Covid-19 in Bali and the current situation. A number of policies have been issued for handling Covid-19 and synergizing with the Regency / City Government and coordination with the Central Government. Now in Bali, there are already many decent quarantine sites and 13 Referral Hospitals. The Governor also gave appreciation to Udayana University because Unud Hospital has become a service center for handling Covid-19 in Bali Province with Sanglah Hospital.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi represented PTN symbolically receiving BST - PT from the Governor of Bali together with representatives of PTS and District / City Education Office in Bali. The Chancellor will immediately follow up the process by coordinating with related units so that the name of the recipient of BST-PT recipients can be immediately proposed to Disdikpora Bali Province  in accordance with established technical guidelines.

According to the technical guidelines, the recipients of the assistance are Balinese who affected by Covid-19 one of which is parents / guardians affected by layoffs and students who work affected by layoffs. BST - PT is given to healthy tertiary institutions and has at least 500 students. The submission mechanism and requirements for recipients of BST - PT have been regulated in the technical instructions as outlined in Bali Governor Regulation Number 15 of 2020.