Udayana University Polymerase Chain Reaction Laboratory (PCR Lab) Officially Begins Operation Today, Perform Swab Tests Up to 300 Samples Per Day

Jimbaran - Udayana University Hospital now has a laboratory to conduct a Covid-19 patient swab test. Since it was established as Covid-19 Patient Special Isolation Hospital by the Governor of Bali, various supporting facilities have been prepared to support the handling of Covid-19 which is now a pandemic worldwide. Unud Hospital has 97 beds to accommodate positive patients with Covid-19 and to date many patients have been declared cured.

To support and accelerate the handling of Covid-19 patients, Unud Hospital now has PCR Lab from the Government and Local Governments. Unud Hospital PCR Lab has two devices that from the Government. One device is capable of doing swab-based PCR tests up to 96 samples once operating. To support the operation of this Lab, adequate human resources have also been prepared, supported by the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. Starting today, Wednesday (6/5/2020) the PCR Lab began an examination of swabs patients result treated at Unud Hospital where there were 25 patients currently being treated for swab testing.

The Governor of Bali, together with Regional Secretary and related agencies, had the opportunity to review Unud Hospital Lab PCR before operating. Unud Chancellor together with Vice Chancellor IV who is the Chairperson of Unud Co-19 unit officer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Director of Unud Hospital and related staff also accompanied PCR Lab's review.

On that occasion, Bali Governor Wayan Koster said that with these two tools, it can approximately test 300 samples per day and this can support the swab examination which so far has been done in Sanglah Hospital Lab. This innovation will accelerate the handling of Covid-19, especially in quarantine arena. If a swab test is done for the patient declared negative. They can immediately go home. The handling can be done better and faster.

The Governor further said that there are currently several Labs in Sanglah Hospital, Unud Hospital and FK Warmadewa University Lab. In Udayana Hospital there are two tools and in FK Warmadewa Lab there is one tool, it is hoped that these tools can test up to 450 samples per day. If all of these tools have been operated,  further swab tests will be prioritized because they are more efficient.

The Governor also gave appreciation to the University and Unud Hospital which has become Covid-19 Isolation Hospital. In the future, this hospital is also expected to be able to overcome the same thing and to do certain missions of health as well as to become a partner of the regional government in implementing programs to improve the quality of adequate and quality health and tourism services.

While Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi added that with the operation of the PCR Lab, an examination for Covid-19 samples and the PCR examination was to confirm the diagnosis of Covid-19. With this result many things can be streamlined, one of which is in terms of quarantined waiting time. Quarantine site won't be overloaded and OTG can be confirmed quickly, given the results of this PCR can ensure the certainty of Covid-19.

Furthermore, the Chancellor said that there had been several stages undertaken to prepare for this. To realize this certainly requires cooperation from all parties including medical staff. FK through existing human resources support Unud Hospital as a hospital that has a Lab and is also supported by procurement of equipment by the central and regional governments. The Chancellor also appreciated all those who supported.

During the Governor's visit, discussions were also held regarding the future development of Unud Hospital. It is hoped that the Regional Government can provide support for the development of this Hospital.