Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Unud Medical Faculty Deliver a Doctor Through Online Exams

For the first time, FK Unud conducted an online Doctor Promotion test on behalf of Dr. I Made Gede Widnyana, Sp.An., M. Kes., KAR, Monday (4/27/2020), located in Prof. dr. I Goesti Ngoerah Gde Ngoerah

This online open examination was led directly by the Dean of FK Prof. Dr. dr. I Ketut Suyasa, Sp.B., Sp.OT (K) with 10 examiners consisting of (1) Prof. Dr. dr. Made Wiryana, Sp.An., KIC., KAO (2) Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta, Sp.PD-KHOM, (3) Prof. Drh. I Nyoman Mantik Astawa, Ph.D, (4) Prof. Dr. dr. I.B. Putra Manuaba, MPhill, (5) Prof. Dr. dr. Putu Astawa, Sp.OT (K)., M. Kes, (6) Prof. Dr. dr. I Wayan Putu Sutirta Yasa, MSi, (7) Dr. dr. Dewa Made Sukrama, MSi., Sp.MK (K), (8) Dr. dr. Dewa Putu Purwa Samatra, Sp.S (K), (9) Dr. dr. Tjok Gde Agung Senapati, Sp.An., KAR and (10) Dr. dr. I Nyoman Gede Budiana, Sp.OG (K)

While the academic invitee present were Dr. dr. I Wayan Suranadi, Sp.An., KIC, Dr. dr. I Nyoman Bayu Mahendra, Sp.OG (K), Dr. dr. IGA Putu Eka Pratiwi, M. Kes., Sp.A, Dr. dr. I Gede Ngurah Harry Wijaya Surya, Sp.OG and Dr. dr. I Made Kardana, Sp.A (K)

In the exam Dr.dr. I Made Gede Widnyana, Sp.AN, M.Kes, KAR delivered a dissertation with the title "Comparison of Continuous Femoral-Sciatic Blockade with Continuous Epidural Blocking Against Decreased HIG Levels of C-Reactive Protein Sensitivity, Prostagladin E2, Interleukin-6 and Visual Analog Scale Operation Cruris ", and was declared graduated as Very Satisfactory predicate.