Udayana University Chancellor accompanied by Unud Hospital Director Attended Task Division Meeting for Covid-19 Handling of Bali Province

The Chancellor of Udayana University Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi was accompanied by Unud Hospital Director Dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra attended Bali Province Covid-19 Task Division Acceleration Meeting in Balai Gajah Jaya Sabha Denpasar Meeting Room, Saturday (4/25/2020). The online meeting, was attended by Bali Police Chief, Udayana Regional Military Commander IX, Danrem, Bali Prosecutors and Denpasar Prosecutors and chaired by the Governor of Bali.

This meeting aims to listen the report of handling of Covid-19 by the Daily Chair of Task Division which in this case is the Provincial Secretary of Bali and discusses the steps that will be implemented.

In his report, Bali Regional Secretary Dewa Made Indra said that the number of positive cases on 24 April 2020 totaled 177 people consist of 8 foreigners and 169 Indonesian citizens. Also reported logistical data such as PPE, N-95 Masks, Masks, Rapid Tests and PCR Reagents are still available. Medical staff and supporters such as administration and cleaning services have provided hotel services for residence while on duty. The regional government has also prepared several quarters for quarantine of PMI, ODP and PDP. At the moment, additional laboratories are being prepared for PCR examinations, which are at Unud Hospital, FK Warmadewa Lab and Health Office Lab, so that they can support Sanglah Hospital Labs and more samples can be examined. The Secretary also conveyed several obstacles faced by one of them related to the arrival of PMI which was quite large in number so it needed anticipatory steps.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster asked that immediate steps be taken to anticipate all possibility that can happen. Adequate numbers of medical personnel must also be considered. Rapid tests should be done orderly and disciplined manner in all quarantine sites and if possible PCR tests should be done immediately. For this reason, it is hoped that the examination site can function immediately, so that the testing process will be faster and Sanglah Hospital will not be overwhelmed. Socialization should also be carried out to all community to increase awareness and self-discipline. The governor also requested that data collection be undertaken at quarantine locations at the district / city level.

In this meeting Bali Police Chief and Regional Commander IX Udayana gave an appreciation for the performance of Task Division and give advice to Regional Government to immediately take strategic steps in anticipating the impact of Covid-19 such as providing social assistance to affected communities to prevent unwanted social symptoms.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi in this occasion also reported the progress of handling Covid-19 patients at Unud Hospital and gave appreciation for the support given by Regional Government to Medical Team. The capacity of Udayana Hospital is currently 61 beds and will be increased to 97 beds, which requires additional  28 nurses to support. Related to the PCR examination Lab at Udayana Hospital was almost ready to be used, but constrained by a device that was still in shipped process. The Chancellor hoped it can be overcome immediately and  the process of handling Covid-19 is going well and epidemic is fleeting.

Director of Udayana Hospital added that the availability of PPE is still sufficient and meet the standard, but if the capacity is full, it is necessary to anticipate the amount of PPE needed. Regarding the PCR examination Lab, if it is complete an instrument test will be carried out immediately by matching the results with the equipment in Sanglah Hospital. The Director of Unud Hospital also said that currently a robot was being designed that could serve Covid patients through collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the direction of Udayana University Chancellor. Unud Hospital was also involved in the research team for drug testing for Covid patients by BRIN.

In this meeting, each field coordinator also reported all steps taken to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in Bali.