Unud State College Hospital Receives Donation Assistance and PPE for Handling COVID-19 Patients in Bali

Udayana University Academic Community cares and participates in providing donations and PPE assistance for the handling of Covid-19 patients in Bali. The Aid was channeled through Unud Co-19 Unit Officer, Medical Faculty or directly handed over to the Referral Hospital. The Dean of FEB Unud together with the Deputy Dean and the Head of the Administration Unit and staff visited Unud State College Hospital  in Jimbaran to deliver assistance from FEB Unud Academic Community there are several operational support tools for medical personnel such as face shields, gloves, trash bags, nutrient intake, and some consumption and other vitamins, Monday (04/13/2020).

Besides FEB, FT Unud also gave donations like 100 pieces of Face Shield made with 3D printing by the students of the Automotive Team of Weimana FT Unud guided by Prof. Ary Subagia, in addition, 50 pieces of Hazmat clothing were also handed over, in collaboration between FT Unud and FT Unud Alumni who are members of the Twintrend community. The donation was made by  FT Dean, FT Academic Senate Chairperson and FT WD WD II, and Mr. Rudi (S78 as the alumni and Twintrend representative) to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University accompanied by Deputy Deans (13/4) at FK Unud Building, Sudirman Campus. then it will be distributed to Unud Hospital and Sanglah Hospital.

Previously, several faculties in the Udayana University had also contributed donations to the Referral Hospital, one of which was the Unud State College Hospital  which had been designated as a Special Isolation Hospital for Covid-19 patients. Gajah Mada University Alumni Family (KAGAMA) Commissariat of Udayana University also submitted a PPE contribution received by the Dean of FK Unud accompanied by the Vice Deans at Sudirman Campus. Donations were submitted by Dr.dr Agung Wiwiek Indrayani and Dr.dr. Urges Indrasari Utami, Sp.S, who will then be submitted to the Unud Hospital for Covid-19 Medical Treatment Team. Donations like 100 PCS APD COVERALL / HAZMAT AND 100 PCS SENSI SHOE COVERS were also received from PT Satnawa Excellence Capital, which was delivered through a Cardiology Study Program, which was submitted by the Cardiology Department Dr. N Wiryawan, Sp.JP was accompanied by a Resident of Cardiology to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, which will also be distributed to Covid-19 Medical Staff in Unud Hospital and Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. Other assistance was also provided by the Ritz Carlton Bali Hotel in the form of 6 PPE APDs received by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, which will be intended for the Medical Team handling Covid-19 in Unud Hospital and Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. Let's together, unite to break the distribution chain of Covid-19.