Udayana University Chancellor Attended Covid-19 Handling Meeting held by BaliGovernor

Unud Rector Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi attended the acceleration of Covid-19 meeting held by the Governor of Bali in Balai Gajah Jaya Sabha Meeting Room Denpasar, Thursday (9/4/2020).

This meeting was held with the issuance of Bali Governor Decree concerning the Formation and Membership of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling in Bali Province, which refers to the Circular of the Minister of the Interior. The Task Force consisted of FKPD leaders namely the Regional Police Chief, Military Commander, Kajati, Deputy Governor, Secretary and also involved PHDI, Academics of Udayana University, BIN and related work units within the Provincial Government of Bali.

The Chancellor of Udayana University in this Task Force was assigned the Task Force on Community Education and Services with the Head of Bali Province Office of Education and Culture and the Head of LLDikti Region VIII. The job description is to carry out socialization and education activities to the public and educational institutions more intensively about the prevention of Covid-19 in a way that is easily understood by the community and collaborates with stakeholders in carrying out the intended socialization and education.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster on the occasion said, in accordance with Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chair of the Task Force was the Regional Head and a task force structure and its secretariat had also been formed. In this meeting the division of tasks was carried out in accordance with the existing fields to strengthen efforts to handle the spread of Covid-19 in Bali. The initial meeting is conducted face-to-face and then coordination will be held via video conference.

The Governor also conveyed several steps that have been done namely coordination with related units, the plan to establish a joint post to facilitate coordination, the establishment of the Mutual Assistance Task Force at the Customary Village level, the appeal for the use of masks when leaving the house according to central government directives, preparing 11 Referral Hospitals, closing entertainment venues, appeal to the public to follow the policy of the central government, the appointment of Unud Hospital as a special hospital handling Covid-19 and has succeeded for Sanglah Hospital as one of the laboratory test sites, but the results of the examination were submitted through the central government.

The Provincial Government of Bali has also received PPE assistance from BNPB and has been distributed to the Referral Hospital. Rapid tests provided by the central government have been used and in part to examine migrant workers returning to Bali. The Chinese government also provides assistance in the form of a ventilator and through the Ambassador in Singapore has been sent a rapid test tool that is more accurate but can only be done at the Hospital. The government has also prepared a quarantine place with a capacity of around 1000 people.

The thing that needs special attention is the increase in positive cases originating from migrant workers, so rigorous efforts must be made in the inspection process. The next step that must be taken is to encourage the public to be disciplined in following the Governor's instructions and to accelerate the functioning of Desa Adat Mutual Assistance Task Force and to make effective socialization through the media to the public.

Improved supervision and rapid tests at entrances such as ports must done and ensure medical devices are in standards. The Provincial Government will also prepare hotels and special incentives for medical personnel and be facilitated by their daily needs and transportation. On this occasion the Governor also requested a report from the Rector of Udayana University related to the readiness of the Unud Hospital as a special hospital handling Covid-19 and input from FKPD who were present.

Unud Rector Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi in her report said that infrastructure had been prepared in a single building with four floors that could accommodate 97 beds, but 37 beds were ready. It was also reported that Unud Hospital still lacked medical personnel if all beds were operated. Recently, there are already positive patients with Covid-19 who are being treated, so that in their governance a separate zone has been created. Unud Hospital currently has six buildings, the Red Zone is reserved for Covid-19 patients, the Yellow Zone for SDM and the Green Zone are safe zones.

At the moment, Udayana Hospital has conducted examinations for people who need Covid-19 free certificates. If there are people who want to check themselves and indicated Covid-19 will be taken directly by ambulance to the Red Zone. Covid-19 SOPs have also been prepared, and APD officers have also been prepared to exceed one level above the established standard. At this time, real time PCR support is being prepared, so that it can be carried out entirely at Unud Hospital. Officers have also been given special training in dealing with Covid-19 patients.

On the occasion Bali Police Chief conveyed that public safety is a top priority and there must be no issues that are troubling the community, for this reason it is expected to follow the existing rules. Bali Regional Police always coordinate with the governor regarding traditional activities, bearing in mind that Bali is in the spotlight of the world and it must also be anticipated that the implementation of the fasting and going home worship should be given special attention especially when going back and forth, given the large number of these backflows should be anticipated.

Governor's instructions will be followed but still refer to existing laws. Bali Regional Police have also formed a Food Task Force that monitors when food stockpiles occur and has also distributed groceries to the poor and laid off. Regional Police Chief also asked that customary policies need to pay attention to the condition of the community, especially those who earn daily income.

The Indigenous Village was asked to coordinate with the Governor, Regional Police and Regional Military Commander regarding the policies taken. Regional Police Chief also requested no disturbing information should be distributed. With the cooperation of all parties, it is hoped that unintended situations will occur if they cannot regulate social order. The Head of Regional Police also gave appreciation to Udayana University and the Governor of Bali for the collaboration that has been carried out and the Regional Police is ready to facilitate if needed help distributing assistance to the community.

Commander IX Udayana on the occasion conveyed related to security in the implementation of policies from the center. Education needs to be done to the community because there are still many violations in the regions. Society when in public places so that everyone wears a mask and one focus of concern is the market. Another focus is on the entrances and the need to collect data on migrant workers who come and the certainty of their residence. TNI is also ready to help facilitate the location of the rapid test.

While Kajati Bali on the occasion said that this virus has shocked the world. Besides many casualties, but even more extraordinary is the impact caused. In accordance with authority in the field of order, especially public legal awareness, Kejati Bali focuses on budgets related to financial policy. Although given the flexibility to manage finances but it should not be deviated. Kejati has formed a team that will assist in the use of the budget to comply with the provisions. This is an effort to prevent the use of it on target, quality and time.

Deputy Governor of Bali conveyed two important issues related to this issue, namely the plague and its impact. Indonesia's economic growth, where Bali is one of the negative, there are around 20 thousand workers who were laid off and around 500 laid off, for that policy needs to be taken.

The Chairman of PHDI Bali said, PHDI had helped through the socialization of PHBS and every implementation of YAD to follow the health protocol. People are also encouraged to follow all instructions from the center.

As a conclusion, the Governor of Bali asked the Regional Secretary as the Daily Chair to follow up on the results of this meeting, and related to the needs of Unud Hospital, the Governor requested the Chancellor of Udayana University further coordinate with the Regional Secretary. In the future, Unud Hospital is prepared not only for handling, but also becoming a partner of the Regional Government in facing the same thing. For this purpose, completeness will be fulfilled, so that returning migrant workers can be directed to Unud Hospital to undergo an examination.