Bali Regional Police Collaboration with Udayana University Creates a Sense of Safety and Comfort for Communities Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Bali Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Petrus R. Golose and the array had a meeting with the Chancellor of Udayana University A.A Raka Sudewi in Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Monday (3/30/2020). Also attended by Deputy Chancellor for Cooperation and Information Planning, the Dean of FMIPA and the Deputy Dean and the Coordinator of Pharmacy. This meeting was held to discuss cooperation between Bali Police and Udayana University to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and create a sense of security and comfort for the people in the midst of a pandemic.

Bali Police Chief asked Udayana University to use the knowledge of academic community to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the Regional Police was ready to support relevant steps to overcome the impacts caused by this pandemic. Unud is also expected  to help and educate the public in the prevention and spread of this virus. One of the step that will be taken is cooperation in making disinfectants for the community. The Regional Police will support in terms of raw materials and Unud team is asked to draw up a formula in accordance with scientific standards, to provide optimal benefits for the community.

Later disinfectants and hand sanitizers produced will be distributed to the public. This product will also be provided at service units within Bali Regional Police in an effort to develop a clean living. Bali Regional Police will also use Unud production disinfectants to be sprayed on public facilities. Regional Police Chief also plans to utilize the resources available in Bali for the manufacture of masks and  Unud team is expected to be able to design and make the appropriate materials.

While Unud Rector Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi welcomed this cooperation and is ready to work in synergy with Bali Police to eliminate anxiety and provide security and comfort for the community. Udayana has also taken preventative measures in accordance with Ministry instructions. Students have been doing online learning and activities on campus have been reduced. In addition, Udayana University through PTN Hospital is also ready to support government policy to break the chain of COVID-19 distribution by becoming a special hospital for isolation of COVID-19 patients.

On this occasion Bali Police Chief also handed over the aid of raw materials in the form of wine that had been confiscated to be distilled into alcohol, later become the material for making disinfection by Unud Team. The distillery lab was also briefly reviewed by Bali Police Chief together with Chancellor of Udayana University and received an explanation of the manufacturing mechanism from the laboratory manager Dr. I Made Agus Gelgel Wirasuta.

This is a form of joint service between Bali Police and Udayana University to break the chain COVID-19 spread in Bali island.