Adequate Infrastructure, Unud Ready to Apply Online Learning to Anticipate Corona Virus Spread

Jimbaran - Unud Rector Prof. AA Raka Sudewi held a meeting with the Chairperson of LP3M, the Chair of USDI and the PJJ Team to discuss the implementation of online learning at Udayana University in the context of implementing the Chancellor's Instruction regarding the prevention, development and spread of Corona Virus at Udayana University on Monday (3/16/2020) at Rectorate Building of Jimbaran Campus. Also attending the meeting was the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara.

The Chancellor hopes that the instructions issued will not harm students and waste the learning process. The Chancellor also requested that the facilities optimally be utilized and socialize to work units, students and lecturers related to information on online learning systems owned by Udayana University. Guidelines relating to online learning systems are expected to be immediately socialized, so that all students and lecturers understood.

While the Chairperson of USDI Dr. Nyoman Putra Sastra said that in general USDI has prepared infrastructure to support online learning processes, and increased server capacity to optimize online learning. At present there has been an increase in usage and some lecturers have begun to coordinate with USDI. Detailed guides on implementing online learning are also available on  Oase Unud website.

USDI has also coordinated with providers to be given free quota, so that later it will not be paid when students access. The online learning system at Unud can use OASE and Webex portals. Unud already has a Webex subscription and this can cover all Unud lecturers and students who does online learning with virtual synchronous face-to-face. In this semester there were 490 lectures using this system. USDI will also conduct socialization through related units in the Faculty.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on the occasion also asked LP3M to take part in overseeing the Rector's policy and monitoring the implementation of online learning.