Medical Faculty of Udayana University Held Retirement Graduation Ceremony and Knitting Inter-Generational Gathering

Denpasar - Medical Faculty of Udayana University held a Retirement Graduation Ceremony and Knitting Gathering conducted as a series of 58th BKFK at  Dr. A.A Made Djelantik, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Friday (6/3/2020). The event was attended by the Chancellor of Unud, Senate Chairperson, Vice Chancellor, Faculty Deans, Postgraduate Directors, Bureau Heads, previous FK Unud leaders, FK Unud retirees, as well as invitations from the related departments and Sanglah Hospital, Professors and Co -orsors and FK Unud academicians . The 58th BKFK took the theme "Knitting Ropes in the Digital Society Towards Superior HR".

Chair of the Committee Dr. A.A Wiradewi Lestari said that this activity was a series of BKFK commemorations that had begun with community service activities few days ago in Sanur area. In the framework of BKFK, several contests were also held, the first competitions held, the Chorus and the Amertha Sanjiwani Dance to further popularize the hymns and mascot FK FK Unud. Through this event, it is expected to be able to strengthen the relationship and can provide input and support for the progress of FK Unud. The peak event was held on March 8, 2020.

Dean of FK Unud Prof. Dr. I Ketut Suyasa said that today's activity began with Apel in front of the FK Unud Building. The dean appreciated all invitations, especially to the previous FK Head Faculty of Udayana University, because it was a pride to be present and knit friendship and establish kinship. On the occasion the Dean reported several activities that have been carried out including administration, finance, organizational and HR management, internal consolidation as well as various challenges and obstacles encountered. On that occasion the Dean also aired a memory kaleidoscope of FK Unud.

While Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi expressed his appreciation for the organization of this activity which had presented senior leaders at previous FK Unud to establish a friendly meeting. The Chancellor also appreciated BKFK event which has been running sustainably, where one of the elements in producing graduates who are superior, independent and cultured is not only hard skills but student soft skills are also developed.

The Chancellor further said that there is a policy of free learning that must be implemented immediately to support the realization of superior Indonesian human resources through the independent learning program of independent campuse. In addition, there is also a new accreditation system, the obligation to study internships and improve institutions to become Legal Entities, and for this reason, there is a need for in-depth study. The existence of Unud is also inseparable from the previous leadership, bearing in mind that many things have been achieved and there are still many things that must be continued with hard work. Through this opportunity the Chancellor also gave appreciation to the previous leadership and hoped that the hospitality would be continued.

In this activity, the Chancellor's Decree was handed over about the names of Unud Room at Medical Faculty with the name of the Educator who had served at FK Unud to commemorate them, including Prof. IB Oka, Prof. Soedarminto, Prof. Ngurah Nala, Prof. Sudewa Jelantik, Prof. Tjokorda Rai, Prof. Bagiada, Prof. Tjitarsa, Prof. Ketut Suata, Prof. I GAG Puthra and Prof. Elias Sukardi.