Preparing for Udayana Development in 2021, Udayana University Helds Musrenbang

Udayana University held a Musrenbang as the preparation of Udayana University Work Plan and Budget for Fiscal Year 2021, Tuesday (03/03/2020) which was held at the Auditorium Building Widya Sabha, Jimbaran Campus.

The Musrenbang was opened by the Chancellor of Udayana University A.A Raka Sudewi and were attended by Deputy Chancellors, Secretary of the Senate, SPI Representative, Chair of the Institute, Head of Bureau, Faculty Leaders, Study Program Coordinator and all work unit leaders in Udayana University.

The Head of BPKU I Wayan Antara, SE., MM as the Chairman of the Committee in his report said that the purpose of the Musrenbang is to determine the direction of Unud development in 2021, and to harmonize work programs / activities of all faculties / units in accordance with Unud Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and performance contracts the Chancellor with the Minister of Finance / Minister of Education and Culture and as a form of accountability and transparency in using the money of the state. The budgeting method is that in 2020, activities are based on budgets, but for 2021 the method of budgets is based on activities. The Head of BPKU also explained the budgeting mechanism that was passed by the work unit in which the design of the activities referred to Unud Strategic Plan 2020-2024, as well as the Rector's performance contract with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Education and Culture.

Unud Chancellor Prof. AA Raka Sudewi in her directive conveyed the four pillars of leadership namely Tridharma of Higher Education and Student Services under the coordination of WR I and WR III, Resources under the coordination of WR II, Institutional Governance / Internationalization under the coordination of WR IV and Infrastructure Facilities under WR coordination II. To support this, the Chancellor and Senate regulations have been formed to guide the governance of Udayana University.

On the occasion the Chancellor also addressed strategic issues related to Advanced Indonesian Superior Human Resource, Industrial Revolution 4.0 demanded that Unud prepare and equip HR with the right competencies and skills, Unud as Agent of Education, Agent of Research and Development, Agent of Knowledge and Transfer of Technology , and as Agent of Economic Development. The issue of globalization also requires Unud to be able to produce graduates who master science and technology and can communicate globally, so that they can compete at the international level.

In his direction, the Chancellor of Udayana University also explained that related to the independence of independent campus learning, Mapping Strategic Plan, Unud's position as the Satker BLU under the Ministry of Education and Culture, Kemenristek-BRIN and Ministry of Finance, Unud 2019 performance achievements and the Rector's performance contract with the Ministry of Finance in 2020.

In the Musrenbang each Vice Chancellor explained the work program and policy direction in accordance with their respective fields. Vice Chancellor I Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara explained the work program related to Tridharma Field, Deputy Rector II Prof. IGB Wiksuana explained the work program related to the Field of General and Finance, Deputy Rector III Prof. I Made Sudarma explained the work program related to Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor IV Prof. IB Wyasa Putra explained the work program related to the Field of Planning, Cooperation and Information. Participants who attended also had the opportunity to have a panel discussion with the Vice Chancellors regarding the work program that was delivered.