Faculty of Tourism 100th Yudisium

Tuesday (11/2/2020) the Faculty of Tourism held its 100th Judiciary at Bukit, Jimbaran. This time, the Yudisium was special for the Faculty of Tourism and prospective graduates because the 100th graduation had used the favility of the new building in the faculty of Tourism.

Deputy Dean I Dr. I Wayan Suardana, SST.Par, M.Par reported the number of prospective graduates this time numbered 19 people with the details of 1 student from the doctoral program, 3 people from the master's program, 1 person from the diploma program, and 14 people from the undergraduate program. The interesting thing in this year's graduation was that more prospective graduates came from outside Bali. He said this proves that the Faculty of Tourism is open to all people from wherever they come.

Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, M.Si as the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism said "What we expect is graduates of S1 and Diploma IV to continue their education. Because there are already several universities collaborating with us, that will open tourism programs. So I hope that the graduates have the desire to become academic staff "Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, M.Si also hopes that student achievements and faculty performance will begin to improve. (Ben)