Ugracena Battalion A-901 Student Regiment / Mayurajana Udayana University Holds DIKLATSAR

Ugracena Battalion A-901 / Mayurajana Student Regiment Udayana University conducted Basic Education and Training (DIKLATSAR) activities in Rindam IX / Udayana, Tabanan. The DIKLATSAR takes the theme "Widya Castrena Dharma Siddha" which means "Completion of Science Service and Knowledge of Soldiers. The training was conducted for 8 days, starting on January 24, 2020 until January 31, 2020 with a total of 28 students.

According to Deputy Commander Dodik Bela Negara, Rindam IX / Udayana, I Made Kartana, the training this time involved Tri Basic Education Pattern. The first is to train attitudes and behaviors including character, care, cooperation, and cohesiveness. The second is the field of knowledge skills and abilities in the form of materials provided in the class including material national insights, drug knowledge, handling natural disasters, and others. Then the third is about physical education that is physically they are nurtured, educated and trained. He added that his party as the organizer hoped that in the future what had been given related to discipline, and the behavior could be an example in their respective campuses.

The Vice Chancellor-3 of Student Affairs at Udayana University responded well and continued to support the DIKLATSAR activities every year. "Every year, it is always budgeted specifically for student regiments to conduct DIKLATSAR which is expected to increase in the future because the issue of defending the country in counteracting radicalism is needed at the moment," said Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S. (mnk)