BEM of Agriculture Faculty Holds Food Self-Sufficiency Discussion, Commemorating World Food Day

The student executive forum of Agriculture Faculty of Udayana University conducted a discussion with the theme "Food Self-Sufficiency, Solution or Pollution? "Which took place in the Senate Room of the Faculty of Agriculture, Agrokomplek Building, Udayana University, on October 20, 2019. Attended by Faculty of Agriculture lecturers, agriculture students of Udayana University, and agriculture students in Bali, by presenting 2 speakers, Dr. I Gede Setiawan Adi Putra, SP., M.Sc, lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University and Ir. I Made Buda, MP from the Bali Provincial Agriculture Service.

According to the head of BEM FP Unud Ni Kadek Sri Utari, this discussion was held to commemorate the world food day on October 16, 2019 and also invited all agricultural students from both Unud and from outside Unud to find out how the current agricultural sector is. Regarding the theme of the discussion carried out, he said whether food self-sufficiency was a solution or caused pollution due to the widespread use of chemicals to agriculture, "later the results of this discussion will be checked. Then we can find out whether the food self-sufficiency that Indonesia has achieved has a positive impact or negative for the environment, "he added.

Dr. I Gede Setiawan Adi Putra, SP., M.Sc, explained that the current farming methods were not appropriate due to the use of addictive substances on agriculture which caused damage to the agricultural land itself. He added that if we want to restore food security, we must follow wise and prudent ways of farming by improving current soil conditions, "returning microbial life in the soil, if it grows, it will help to decompose the soil so that the soil becomes healthy. With the condition of our land being healthy, the production of the harvest will be good and healthy too. "

Speaker from the Bali Provincial Agriculture Service Ir. I Made Buda, MP, revealed that the Province of Bali supports the creation of food self-sufficiency, including by facilitating farmer groups to increase their production and provide subsidies for organic fertilizer. In addition, the Province of Bali also has local regulations that support organic agriculture, "of course that is what supports us, the relation is to increase food self-sufficiency."

Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Katini, MS, who opened the discussion said that there are many interconnected aspects in supporting agriculture in Bali. As the condition of the water for agriculture, links that can not be separated from tourism, and the provincial government of Bali that supports for progress in agriculture. So all of this is interrelated with the problem of food security, where agriculture can provide food for consumption and also healthy, "here is a choice, whether we will consume organic food or food that is full of pollutant materials," he concluded.