Faculty of Agriculture Planting Sunflower Seeds in Mayuman , Antapan Village

Agriculture Faculty of Udayana University in the framework of the 41st FP Anniversary carrying out community service in Mayuman Hamlet, Antapan Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Saturday (05/10/2019). Community service is filled with counseling on how to plant sunflower seeds properly, then it is filled with discussions on tips to develop Mayuman Hamlet into an agrotourism that has its own characteristics and the provision of sunflower seeds.

Vice Dean II of the Agriculture Faculty, Prof. Ir. IGAA Ambarawati, M.Ec., Ph.D said that this activity was carried out based on the tri dharma of higher education where the lecturers and students were not only focused on campus activities but also learning and sharing knowledge in the field. This activity also involved lecturers and students attended by local farmers.

"Sunflowers are chosen because they are in accordance with environmental conditions and habitats of the sunflower itself. So, in the future it is hoped that it will develop into an agrotourism in the form of a spot for selfies and also because of its very wide use from seeding to the seed coat, it can also be used for products as an output ", said Dr. Ida Ayu Putri Darmawati, S.P., M.Sc as the secretary of the FP FP. (oca / ben)