Sunday (09/30/2019) Go Bali held a field trip to Bongan Village, Tabanan. As many as 43 foreign students took part in this field trip. Bongan Village welcomed the arrival of Go Bali and the foreign students.

Perbekel Bongan Village I Wayan Sumerta said "Our hope from this visit is that the students can promote our village, so that tourists from various of countries can visit it. And also we have been inaugurated as a tourist village. "

As a new tourism village established in December 2018, development still needs to be done. There are 3 attractions visited in this field trip, they are waterfalls, Bali Starling captivity and Kebo Iwa Sites.

"The village of Bongan has become one of the Tourism Villages that has just been formalized so in this case local people still need to be given education about tourism villages or tourism. We invite foreign students to see and observe how and what Bongan Village looks like in the future so that input from students is needed by this village. "Said Dr. Yohanes Kristianto, S.Pd. M.Hum. as Chair of the Field Trip Go Bali.

I Made Kusuma Negara, SE, M.Par as Chair of the Go Bali Study Program said the field trip program aims at introducing local wisdom or local culture that develops in tourist villages, especially to foreign students. (Ben)