Company Visit: Communication Science Study Program is Welcomed by Kompas TV Dewata

Communication Studies program held a company visit to Kompas TV Dewata building on Wednesday (08/05/2019) in the morning. The activity was attended by all students of  2017 and 2018 Udayana University from Faculty of Communication Sciences Study intended to broaden student's knowledge regarding  world of television and bring a new learning atmosphere,not to be monotonous in class.

The event which held in the main studio of Kompas TV Dewata was not only pleased for the students, but was also welcomed by Kompas TV Dewata. Kompas TV Dewata also considers this activity very important and should be done as a routine activity for Communication Science students, for Kompas TV also get benefits from this visiting. Ni Gst. Ayu Putu Sri Andriani as HRD Officer of Kompas TV Dewata said "This kind of visit is very important, because Kompas can socialize at the same time, so there is no need to go to campus anymore, besides,  Kompas TV can share the  information on TV programs and developments. So this activity is so good to do routinely ".

Kompas TV Dewata also claimed to be pleased with the enthusiasm and high curiosity of the students in this company visit, so that the activities in the form of material presentation starting from the history of Kompas TV Dewata, divisions on TV and their duties at work in this studio is going well. Met after the event, Aaroon Reganada Prasetya Wibowo, as the person in charge of activities and Chairperson of KOMIK FISIP Unud 2019/2020 said "We chose Kompas TV Dewata as a destination for company visits this time because Kompas TV Dewata is a national TV with a good brand in the community. Besides, Kompas TV Dewata is also considered to have high professionalism ".

"If you have the desire to jump into broadcasting world, you should be more focused when choosing your majors later, because basically the opportunity for communication students to the world of broadcasting is huge, so focus on what you want." that was the message from the woman who was familiarly called Gek Sri met after the event.