Improve Student Creativity Through Micro and Macro Competition 2019

Sunday (5/4) Economic Development Study program at Udayana University held an annual work program for Micro Macro Competition 2019 that took place at Doctoral Building Hall, Faculty of Economics and Business, Sudirman. This time, MMC 2019 carries the theme "Creative Economic Strategy to Boost Tourism Towards Golden Indonesia 2045" by holding a Quiz Competition (LCC), Student Essay Competition, and Regional Student Essay Contest. After going through a fairly strict selection phase, today there were top 10 students of essay competitions and 25 LCC teams who were ready to compete.

In this competition, both students are required to think creatively from essays in this contests. "In addition, we also want to be a place for students to broaden their insights on micro and macro economics," said I Putu Edi Ana, Chair of Department of Student Association.

Udayana University, also expect to increase student achievement through various regional, national and international competitions. As expected by Unud's Vice Chancellor III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S. "Hopefully, this competition can be held at national level, which can be used as a performance credit for the dean and chancellor, the chancellor and the minister can later be included in the field of student achievement." (Sis / ben)