Master and Doctoral Study Programs Cultural Studies Inviting Tegal Kertha Village Community to Maintain One Health-Based Environmental Health

Denpasar─Masters and Doctoral Study Program of Cultural Studies at Udayana University carries out community service activities with the theme "Caring for One Health-Based Environmental Health". This activity was held at Tegal Kerta Village Office, West Denpasar (27/4) and presented three presenters, including I Ketut Adi Wiguna, S.H., M.Sc., Ida Pandita Mpu Sri Rastra Jaya Bhuwana, and Dr. Drh. I Made Subrata, M.Erg.

Coordinator of the Master and Doctoral Study Programs of Cultural Studies at Udayana University Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Suarta, M. Hum. said that this community service activity must be carried out by students of the Cultural Studies Masters Program from each bench. This activity aims to bring students closer to the society. Students are expected to have social sensitivity as well as critical thinking in the study of culture about community issues, especially regarding waste issues and public health.

I Ketut Adi Wiguna S.H., M.Sc, as the Head of B Waste and Waste Management Division III, Denpasar City Environment and Hygiene Service, became the speaker about Perwali No. 36 of 2018 which regulates the reduction in using of plastic bags. He also said, Denpasar City Government has successfully implemented a plastic bag reduction program of up to 97% at supermarkets and minimarkets. However, the problem this day is in traders and buyers in traditional markets who are still not fully able to escape the use of plastic bags. For him, it takes time, process, and patience to socialize to the community so that traders no longer provide plastic bags and customers must carry bags from home. Then the reduction of plastic bags in traditional markets will work.

Ida Pandita Mpu Sri Rastra Jaya Bhuwana as a student of Doctoral Program in Cultural Studies at Udayana University delivered material about Tri Hita Karana in relation to the environment. He expressed his opinion regarding religious ceremonies in the large scale. He said that the ceremonial activities which were celebrated in the large scale needed to be reviewed to fit the objectives in the teachings of religion.

Dr. Drh. I Made Subrata, M.Erg as a lecturer in Public Health Study Program at the Faculty of Medical, Udayana University, became the speaker on One Health Concept. He introduced this one health concept as a concept of health, meaning that health will be achieved as a whole if all the supporting components in achieving health are fulfilled, which in this case is a healthy environment, healthy people and healthy animals. All components are important to be maintained so that they are in a healthy life, so we will get one health together.

The community from Tegal Kerta Village which is a strategic target in this service activities is expected to be able to deal with issues related to waste and public health in a synergistic manner. (Tam) (ben)