CPNS Unud SKB was Followed by 91 Participants

Denpasar - Udayana University conducted Field Competency Selection (SKB) for 91 participants who had passed the SKD CPNS 2018 some time ago. SKB consists of 4 stages including Expertise Test (Field Competence), Interview, Teaching Practice, and Health Test. If the participant does not take one of the tests, it will automatically be declared dead. Expertise Test Selection was conducted at the Postgraduate Building on Thursday (13/12) with 88 participants present.

After attending the Expertise Test (Field Competency) the following Friday (14/12) the CPNS 2018 selection participants followed the second session of the SKB, namely interview. In this stage the participants were interviewed by two examiners at the Postgraduate Building at Unud, Sudirman Campus. One of the new things at this stage is that each participant is required to sing one national anthem / national song.

The next stage of the SKB is the teaching practice test conducted at the Sudirman Campus Postgraduate Building in Denpasar (15/12). In this test the participants were given the opportunity to present lecture material with examiners from Unud and Undiksha Singaraja. The Rector of Unud, Chair of the Senate, Deputy Rector for General and Financial Affairs accompanied by the Head of the General Bureau monitored the implementation of the selection. Rector of Unud, Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi also had the opportunity to give direction to examiners and organizers regarding the implementation of the test before the session began. (HM)