Ancient Javanese Literature Students’ Association at Udayana University Present Bali Makakawin and Mapalawakya Festival

(Awarding gifts to participants by a jury representative)

Denpasar, (24/18) welcomed the 8th Anniversary of the Javanese Ancient Literature Students’ association and the 60th Ancient Javanese Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University, held Makakawin and Mapalawakya Festival for high school students around  Bali.

The festival was titled "Actualizing the Archipelago Man with Character and Culture through the Festival of Oral Traditions of Makakawin and Mapalawakya." with the requirements, namely sound quality including the sekar agung, the placement of guru lagu, the placement of sor singgih and expressions displayed.

"This event aims to make Balinese youth in particular, want to learn and preserve the arts and culture in Bali such as literary cultural heritage, especially ancient Javanese literature. Therefore, through this activity the participants can further develop their abilities and not just stop at today's competition only, "said I Made Ariawan as the Committee of the Anniversary.

(The makakawin competition took place located in the Lobby of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences)

Located at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Lobby, there were two competitions which took place, including the Men and Women Makawawin Competition and the Men and Women Mapalawakya Competition. The target of this event was students and coaches; this was because both have an important role in developing and preserving Balinese culture, especially providing an opportunity to show the quality of male and female students and to get to know literature well.