KKN PPM Unud Students Assist in the Development of Organic Local Rice in Babahan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency

Students of KKN PPM Unud Period XVII in 2018, KKN conducted activities with the theme of developing local organic rice in Babahan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. This activity aims to help red rice farmers improve the quality of their products by using biopesticides and organic fertilizers, producing products ranging from nurseries to developing processed products to increase the added value of products on the market, including counseling on nutrition.

The head of the Babahan Village I Made Sukapariana, SE and the Babahan Village community welcomed the activity to improve community knowledge and skills, especially related to the development of organic rice and processed products.

The Chairperson of the Activities of the KKN PPM Desa Babahan, Ir. Ni Nengah Darmiati, MP, stated that the KKN PPM activity was a community empowerment program funded by the Directorate of Research and Community Service of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. This activity was carried out during 2018 involving 30 students and resource persons from the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Udayana University who have expertise in organic agriculture, making biopesticides and implementing methods through counseling and training with activities aimed at farmers groups in Babahan Village, Pekaseh, Kelian Tempek Subak, as well as PKK mothers, Posyandu cadres in Babahan Village.

Furthermore, the Head of Pelakana hoped that this activity through the KKN PPM Udayana University could help increase the development of organic rice in the village, improve the economy of the community and maintain the sustainability and sustainability of Subak