Themed Against Cyber Crime HIMPUS Organize National Seminar and Call for Paper for Librarians

(Delivering material related to cyber crime by the Cyber ​​Crime Dit Reskrimsus POLDA Bali Unit, located in the Nusantara room, Agrokomplek Building)


Denpasar, (15/18) The FISIP Library’s Student Association of Udayana University organize a National Seminar for librarians in Bali and a Call for Paper intended for students. This activity titled "The Role of Literacy Information for Digital Native in Fighting Cyber ​​Crime" presented as many as approximately 70 seminar participants and 9 Call for Paper teams from Malang State University and North Sumatra University.

"The purpose is in the presence of technology era that makes things easy and practical. One of them is cyberspace that can bring a negative impact in the form of Cyber ​​Crime, "explained Sri as Chair of the Committee

In this seminar, they also invited speakers including, Ida Fajar Priyanto, Ph.D as lecturer of Information Management and School Library UGM Postgraduate, Drs. I Putu Suhartika, M.Si as Lecturer in Udayana University Library Sciences, and Cyber ​​Crime Dit Reskrimsus POLDA Bali Unit.

Through Call for Paper event, all selected papers will be collected into one paper and then will be going through the ISBN process. It is expected that all librarians in particular and the community in general will be able to spread this information that has positive values.