As an implementation of the bureaucratic reform road map 8 change areas, Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the General Bureau held SISKA Socialization in the Faculty and Postgraduate Unud Environment. The event took place in Ruang Bangsa Lt.3 The Rectorate Building of Unud Jimbaran Campus was opened by the Head of the General Bureau Drs. Amoga Sidhi, and followed by work units consisting of Faculties / Postgraduate / Study Programs, the presentation of the material on the Decree of the Chancellor of the Unud Chancellor was presented in this socialization by the Head of the General Bureau, and the Technical Decision of the Chancellor of Udayana University by the Head of Legal Sub Division and Tata Laksana, General Bureau. The socialization was also carried out through the simulation of the use of SISKA which was delivered by the USDI Team.

(Head of General Bureau, Drs. Amoga Sidhi when delivering material)

Head of General Bureau, Drs. Amoga Sidhi said that the Chancellor's Decree not only required administrative documents which, among others, were used for the Accountability Report, but the Rector's Decree also had legal consequences and must be legally accountable. The Chancellor's decision must be determined in accordance with the procedures and authorities. On this occasion also delivered the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the area of ​​changes in legislation where the Chancellor's Decree for activities at the Faculty and Postgraduate was authorized to sign the Dean and Director of Postgraduate as stated in the Chancellor Decree No. 804 and Circular Number 8517 / UN14 / SE / 2018 concerning Types of Chancellors' Decisions in the Implementation of Higher Education Tridharma.

(Head of Legal and Procedure Subdivision, I Wayan Gayun Widharma, SE., M.Si delivered the material)

For the material of Technical Decision Making of Udayana University Chancellor delivered by the Head of Legal Subdivision and Management, I Wayan Gayun Widharma, SE., M.Si conveyed the Official Manuscript was written information that was made and / or issued by the authorized official as stated in the Regulation Chancellor Number 2 of 2016. In his material also stressed the types of Decisions authorized to the Dean and Director of the Postgraduate for efficiency and effectiveness in the determination of the Rector's Decree (SK), the legal basis related to the writing of the Chancellor's Decree, as well as problems that often arise in the dictum . At the end of the material also delivered about the SISKA business process. The material from the Usdi Team of Unud which in this case was represented by Made Widiarta, S.Si., M.Kom and Duman Care Krishne, ST., MT conveyed the stages that must be carried out in the submission of Decrees and the Simulation of the use of SISKA in the preparation of the Chancellor's Decree. (HM)

(Made Widiarta, S.Si., M.Kom saat menyampaikan simulasi SISKA)