The Chess Competition Take a Part at Udayana University’s 56th anniversary

Thursday (13/09) a chess competition has been held as one of the series event in celebrating the 56th anniversary of Udayana University. The match, which was held for two days at the Bhineka room, Agrokomplek, Udayana University, was attended by 25 participant from all faculties in Udayana University.

The match was conducted for six rounds, with three champions. As the result, the first place was earned by I Putu Dedi Wiriastika from the Faculty of Engineering with 5 points while Prima Camaradana Pangestu from the Faculty of Engineering was the runner up with 5 points. The third place was earned by Rio Surya Wijaya Theda from the Faculty of Economics and Business with 4½ points.

The aim of the series of the competition  in Udayana University’s Anniversary  was not only to celebrate the anniversary of Udayana University, but also to unite all the student from various faculties in order to show that the entire Udayana communities was celebrating the joy of Udayana University’s Anniversary.

“The impressive things were that, even we came from different faculty without knowing each other,  now we made to know each other, and from the rival on the chess board, we can be friend after the match ended.” Said the champion, I Putu Dedi Wiriastika, about his impression of the match. He also gave message for all Udayana University’s student to make this event as a sportive competition and establish a good relationship among students.

The Udayana University 56th Anniversary’s series of event has been conducted since the middle of July. After The Chess Competition, there are still various matches hold such as badminton, basketball and Jegeg Bagus Udayana, as the main event of the 56th Anniversary of Udayana University that will be hold at Jimbaran campus udayana university on September 29th 2018.