Denpasar - Saturday, August 18, 2018, located in the North Parking Area of ​​the Sudirman Campus of Denpasar, Udayana University held the Udayana Entrepreneurial Festival 2018 with the theme "Improving Competitiveness through Creativity and Innovation Based on Science and Technology". The event which was held on August 18, 2018 was opened by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng. Beginning with the signing of the MoU between Udayana University and the Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs Association (IWAPI), the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Denpasar Young Entrepreneurs. Gebyar was also enlivened by various exhibition stands which were led by the Young Entrepreneurs of Udayana University.

I Gusti Putu Bagus Mananda writer as Chairman of the Center for Career and Entrepreneurship Development Unud said that this activity is one of the efforts made by the university to be able to create job creators considering that as a State University (PTN) Unud is not only able to produce scholars as job seekers (seekers work) but also must be able to give birth to job creators. This is in line with the decree of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education which has targeted Unud to give birth to 117 young entrepreneurs every year. The Entrepreneurship Festival was also held in the series of the 56th Anniversary of Udayana University, and is the fifth time that has been held at the Udayana University.

Previously satisfactory results were obtained, as seen from the increasing number of students participating in the program. From the target of 117 young entrepreneurs, up to August 2018 157 young entrepreneurs have been produced, while in 2017 107 young entrepreneurs have been produced. Entrepreneurs are expected to be able to continue their business to be successful and sustainable and this has been strengthened through the collaboration carried out by Unud with entrepreneurial organizations.

The Chancellor on the occasion was represented by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng said that in 2018 Unud accepted 4,758 new students. It is hoped that new students can change their paradigm and mindset by not only studying, but also learning entrepreneurship. It is expected that all new students will also receive treatment from the beginning through coaching, so that they are not only born as prospective graduates but also become young entrepreneurs. (HM)