Jimbaran - Despite the rain, Udayana University continues to carry out the Ceremony in order to "Commemorate the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia". The implementation of the ceremony was centered on the Unud Campus Rector, Jimbaran, followed by leaders, lecturers, staff and students. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gede Antara, M.Eng. acting as Ceremonial Counselor. In this time Uoacara was also awarded the Satya Lancana Karya Satya award to 15 civil servants in the Udayana University environment. The awarding of the Satya Lancana Karya Satya Honorary Mark is based on the Presidential Decree Number 90 / TK / YEAR 2018 which is intended to foster pride, exemplary attitude, fighting spirit and motivation to improve darmabakti to the nation and the country. The details of the recipients of the Satya Lencana Karya Satya at Udayana University are five civil servants for 10, 20 and 30 years respectively.

In the remarks of the Minister of Research and Technology, read by the Ceremonial Trustees, the Minister said that at present, Indonesia has been widely praised for its political stability, healthy economic development and achievements to achieve a better Indonesia. We all also feel proud of the brilliant achievements of Indonesian youth in various international competitions in various fields. In July 2018, our best son was able to win gold in the 100 meters run of the Under-20 World Championship. Last week too, our Under-16 team was able to reach the first place in the AFF U-16 trophy. In the field of science, the idea of ​​our students namely plastic garbage cars to be the champions of the Shell Ideas 360 technology innovation event, our student innovations become world champions in the fast-paced competition for energy-efficient cars 'Drivers' World Championship, and many other innovations that I cannot mention one by one. This is truly amazing and strengthens our belief in the intellectual power and creativity of Indonesian children. This is "OUR WORK, THE NATION ACHIEVEMENT", which will strengthen our sense of pride and confidence in Indonesia.

A few days ago, we just celebrated the 23rd National Technology Awakening Day. The commemoration is a form of appreciation and appreciation for the success and achievements of the brilliant Indonesian people in the field of science and technology. Quite a lot of achievements that boast and exhibited more than hundreds of innovation products to improve the welfare of the community and the independence and competitiveness of the nation. This is "OUR WORK, NATION ACHIEVEMENT".

Facing the 4.0 industrial revolution, we must strengthen the old literacy that only relies on reading, writing and mathematics with new literacy in the field of higher education, namely Data Literation, Technology Literation and Human Literation. Data Literacy is the ability of our students to read, analyze and use information from Big Data in the digital world. Technology Literacy is the ability to understand systems of mechanics and technology in the world of work, such as Coding and Artifical Intelligence, as well as the principles of engineering engineering. While Human Literacy is a side of humanity, communication and creative design. These three new literacies need to be mastered by all university graduates in Indonesia. To instill literacy, lecturers, teachers, and education staff must also improve their quality, especially in leadership and teamwork skills, the ability to adapt to new technologies and global challenges, and have the ability to entrepreneurship, including mastering social entrepreneurship. With this strengthening, I am sure we will be able to overcome the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0 and become one of the countries that have high competitiveness.

Menristekdikti invites the entire academic community to continue working to build research, technology, and higher education as well as to make proud achievements to strengthen our pride and confidence in Indonesia. Keep working, keep innovating, keep on achieving. OUR WORK, ACHIEVEMENT OF THE NATION. (HM)