Denpasar - Monday, (30/07/2018) Udayana University's Center for International Programs (CIP) hosted an International Summer Camp Program entitled "SME: Business in Indonesia-From Bali to The World" at the International Office Room Campus Sudirman Denpasar. opened by Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, SH., M.Hum is a collaboration between Udayana University and Bina Nusantara University (Binus) Jakarta and followed by 31 participants from The Budapest Business School - Hungary, University of Twente and TIAS Business School - Nederlands, Zagreb School of Economics and Management - Croatia, Seoul Tech University, Dongguk University and Hanyang University - Korea and Providence University - Taiwan.

Director of CIP Unud, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, Ph.D, stated that this activity is aimed to introduce Udayana and Bali universities to international community in this case international students. Activities involving international students and local students are expected to encourage Unud students to hold similar activities at several partner universities. Melalaui this activity is also expected to increase the number of Unud students who study abroad, although only in the form of short courses or student exchange. This activity can also support exchange staff and join research with partners in overseas.

The duration of this event is two weeks, a week in Binus Jakarta and a week at Udayana University Bali. During the Binus participants of the material including public lecture and visited some historical sites. In Bali followed by the application of the theory that has been obtained before by visiting two companies namely Bali Tangi engaged in spa products and Wisnu Karya Putra International in the field of wood exporters. These two companies are companies that are not only provit oriented but also become social entrepreneurs for the community. Director of CIP hopes that through this activity can improve the network of Unud with several universities that are now a network for Binus.

On the same occasion, Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, SH., M.Hum added that this activity can provide great benefits that students can introduce each other's values ​​so that it can help shape the personality and through this activity can also increase the competence because given a certain knowledge of knowledge and done with fun, so that students become more familiar with the material presented and implement it in the activities that are designed. In the future, it is expected that similar activities can be improved since it is very important for Unud in relation to the international accreditation process. (HM)