Jimbaran - Tuesday, May 22, 2018, Udayana University held a Press Conference in the Selection Selection "New Student Admission for Undergraduate Program and Diploma through T.A. 2018/2019 ". The opening of Mandiri is the third selection conducted by Udayana University in order to give opportunity to graduates of SMA / SMK / MA / equal. Registration opens online from May 22, 2018 and ends on July 10, 2018 through the https://e-registrasi.unud.ac.id page. The Writing Exam implementation will take place on 15 July 2018 and a graduation announcement is planned on July 24, 2018.

In a press conference, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng submits Independent Selection by each PTN with the selection fee charged to the participants of Rp. 450,000. The requirements of participants who must be fulfilled for registration is an Indonesian citizen, the last class student in 2018 who already has SKL, and for graduates in 2016 and 2017 must already have a diploma. To accommodate Mandiri Line maximum of 30% capacity for each study program in PTN. This year, the total capacity of the university is 5,900 students.

Later the participants who passed Mandiri Lane are required to pay the tuition fee which includes Single Tuition (UKT) which is paid every semester with the amount of according to the choice of Prodi and also pay the Institution Development Contribution (SPI) paid once during the lecture at Universitas Udayana together with UKT at the time of re-registration with the amount of SPI fee in accordance with that already entered in the online system. SPI itself was first applied because since the BLU, the source of funds from the APBN received by Udayana University is getting tighter and smaller and it is required to make their own efforts in the development of facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of universities. This is in accordance with the existing rules, because the independent path allows to apply the SPI that already has legality that denied the Act, Candy, and Rector Decree. (HM)