Four Prodi FIB Signed Intelligence Document Cooperation with Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University India

Dean of FIB Unud Prof. Dr. Sutjiati Beratha, M.A. (four from left) signed a cooperation cooperation intent

Four Prodi in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Unud signed a Memorandum of Initiation (MoI) with Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, India, on the sidelines of an international seminar at the Aguditcomplex Building Unud, Monday, May 21, 2018.

Dean of FIB Unud Prof. Dr. Ni Luh Sutjiati Beratha, M.A. witnessed in the signing of the four MoI manuscripts.

Vice Rector IV of Udayana University Prof. IB Wyasa Putra (in the middle of black coat) took a photo with delegates from India and representatives of FIB Prodi after signing the cooperation intent.

The four Prodi FIBs that signed MoI are Prodi Sastra Indonesia, Prodi Sastra Inggris, Prodi Sastra Jepang, and Prodi Archeologi.

The signing was represented by lecturers of each Prodi who attended as speakers in the seminar, except English Literary which was attended by Prof. Korprodi. Dr. I Nyoman Sedeng, M. Hum.

The text of this cooperation contains a shared desire to improve the cooperation of education, research, and exchange of lecturers and students.

Policy Cooperation

According to the Dean of FIB, Prof. Sutji, the policy of Vice Rector IV of Unud is to cooperate with universities in South Asia, including India and China, and East Asia, such as Korea.

Cooperation with the three universities in India started with an international conference.

"The signing of LoI with FIB because it was started with the signing of MoU between the three universities with Unud," Prof. said. Sutji.

Dean of FIB hopes that cooperation for joint publication, research, and dedication can also be realized.

"The Center for International Program (CIP) of Unud has facilitated this very well through the direction of Mr. WR IV," he said.

Unud is very serious to realize the cooperation that has been established. The idea to implement the MoU signing at the University Level and LoI at the Faculty Level with the Prodi-Prodi is a noble idea coupled with a joint conference.

Multidisciplinary Seminars

The multidisciplinary seminar was held by Unud in collaboration with Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University and two other institutions namely J. Watumull Sadhubella Girls College (Ulhasnagar) and International Culture Forum (Mauritius).

The atmosphere of the seminar, Prof Ardika (far left) and Prof. Sutji (right) as the presenter and moderator.


The theme of the seminar is "Innovative Ideas in the Fields of Science, Social Sciences and Management".

The seminar begins with a paper conveyor of expert keynote speakers from Unud and India such as Prof. KG Bendesa (Unud), Prof. Khurshid Alam, Dr. L.M. Dani, and Dr. Sandesh Wagh, with Dr. I Nyoman Satya Kumara.

The seminar discussed 117 papers presented lecturers and researchers from Unud and India. In addition, there are also three panel speakers, which are divided into three groups namely the field of exact sciences, social sciences, and management.


WR IV Unud Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, S.H, M.Hum. when opening the seminar.

The seminar was opened by Vice Rector IV Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, S.H, M.Hum., Followed by the signing of MoU between Unud and Shri Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University.

In his speech, WR IV Prof. I.B. Wyasa said that Udayana University continues to enhance international cooperation with various universities abroad, including India, to improve the quality of education, research, and publications.

According to Prof. I.B. Wyasa, Unud put culture as a paradigm of science and education development.

"Culture is an important aspect in human life and also in multidisciplinary scientific studies," Prof. said. I.B. Wyasa.

"This conference will give us an opportunity to share the way we apply our approach to the development of science in a multidisciplinary way," he said.

Dr. Putu Sri Harta Mimba (left) as the Chairman of CIP Unud gives a memento to Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra from Unud and Dr. Nishi Kan Jha from India at the closing ceremony

The seminar lasts a full day divided into several sessions. The total number of participants is about 200 people.

The seminar concludes with a concluding remark given by Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra from Unud and Dr. Nishi Kan Jha from India.

The giving of the memento colored the whole event (Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari).