1331 Participants Join Selection of New Student Admissions of Udayana University Graduate Program

Denpasar - Sunday (06/05/2018), Udayana University held a selection of new admissions for the odd semester students in 2018. The test took place at Sudirman Campus and attended by 1331 participants. Materials tested include Academic Potential Test (TPA) and English Ability Test. A day before also the basic skills test (TKD) and interviews were conducted in each study program. Announcement of graduation will be held on May 12, 2018 online through the university website.

Udayana University which has 25 Masters Programs, 11 Doctoral Programs, 18 PPDS and 4 Professional Programs and for this year the total capacity of all Postgraduate Study Programs at Udayana University is 1537. Some Lesser Study Programs are expected to get students for this semester. Looking at the statistics and recapitulation of the applicant, the postgraduate study program under the Faculty of Medicine is still the most favorite among other Prodi followed by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

From the results of the monitoring in the field, the selection of new admissions exams of Udayana University Graduate Program went smoothly. For next selection selection in 2018 will be held in October. (HM)