10,493 prospective Students Join SBMPTN 2018 Exam, Involve 516 Supervisors

Jimbaran - Udayana University, and ISI Denpasar as PANLOK 63 Denpasar held SBMPTN 2018 Exam Tuesday (08/05/2018). Seeing the number of participants who penetrate 10.000 people, the location of the test is done in three places, namely Sudirman Campus for SAINTEK, with the number of participants 3,949 people, Campus Unud Bukit Jimbaran for SOSHUM with the number of participants 4,844 people, and Campus ISI Denpasar for MIX with the number of participants 1,340 people . For Computer Based Completion Exam (UTBK) this year the number of participants 365 people, and the execution of the test conducted in the Computer Laboratory Faculty of Medicine Denpasar and Faculty of Economics and Business Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The tested material includes Basic Capability Test (TKD) and Academic Ability and Potential Test (TKPA).

In accordance with the press release kemenristekdikti, SBMPTN 2018 Exam SBMPTN 2018 in Indonesia followed by 860,001 exam participants. Written exams are conducted simultaneously in 42 Local Committees consisting of 85 State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia.

Menristekdikti said the current SBMPTN 2018 exam followed 860,001 participants consisting of the participants Printing Exam (UTBC) as many as 833,820 participants and Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK) as many as 26,181 participants. In addition, there were also participants from the C package of 1,078 people and disabled participants as many as 365 people consisting of 122 deaf participants, 107 blind participants, 43 speech participants and 93 disabled participants. This year SBMPTN participants are also attended by Indonesian laborers (TKI) who are working overseas.

Nasir reminded all Rectors of PTN to avoid discrimination against participants of package C and persons with disabilities. "Higher education should be friendly to all parties, there should be no discrimination and should provide support for disabled participants if the participant is graduated," explained Nasir during a press conference after reviewing the implementation of SBMPTN examination on campus UNDIKSHA, Singaraja Bali (8/5).

In addition, the Minister of Research and Technology said that there is a difference in the appraisal system of this year with the last year, which is in 2017 applied minus system 1, while for this year it was changed to 'item of respond theory' which if the answer correctly got the value 1, if wrong and not filled got 0 . "Therefore I remind all participants not to leave the matter," said Nasir.

Minister Nasir again reminded SBMPTN Selection Committee throughout Indonesia to be aware of any potential fraud that arose from the implementation of SBMPTN 2018. For students who proved to be a jockey will be removed from campus. As for the Committee who proved to leak the matter will be criminalized, because the exam questions include state documents. (HM)