Denpasar - Faculty of Tourism Udayana University in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism RI held a National Tourism Workshop with the theme "Tourism Marketing Strategy Based Creativity", Friday (27/04/2018) in Room Dr. A.A Made Djelantik Faculty of Medicine Campus Sudirman Denpasar. This workshop is a series of commemoration BK BK Faculty of Tourism which to-33, by presenting three speakers namely Prof. I.B Adnyana Manuaba, Ir. Henky Hermantoro and I Made Gunarta. Prof. I.B Adnyana Manuaba is one of the Founding Father who has contributed thoughts in building the Faculty of Tourism Udayana University to experience various advances to date.

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, M.Si in his speech said that Bali tourism is currently experiencing many advances, but there are still many shortcomings. To build Bali tourism can not be done alone, but it is necessary to think of various pihajk, one of the efforts undertaken by the Faculty of Tourism Unud is through a workshop by inviting experts to work together to manage Bali tourism better. In addition to this activity is also a place of introduction of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs at the Faculty of Tourism.

Related to the theme of this 33-time BK-based creative that has a meaning not only creative on campus, but also creative in society and government. The Dean hopes that the future of Bali tourism can be different with tourism in other areas, and therefore it is necessary to improve the quality in various fields to promote Bali tourism. Also mentioned, this series of BK warnings preceded by book review, with approximately 12 books being dissected and exhibited to various assisted villages. Besides, it also displayed various creativity of students in guided villages, and activities related to community service by implementing "Beach Clean".

Faculty of Tourism is one of the leading faculty at Udayana University, therefore it is necessary to support from various parties, considering the various universities both domestic and abroad are generally interested in establishing cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism. Facilities, infrastructure and quality human resources is a matter of concern in the management of the Faculty of Tourism. (HM)