FPPTI Holds National Conference, Challenges in the Field of Animal Husbandry is the subject

Badung, Friday (20/04/2018), Forum Leadership of Higher Education of Animal Husbandry Indonesia (FPPTPI) held a National Conference (Munas) at Hotel Sovereign Kuta. Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) Udayana University had the opportunity to host the National Conference this time. Munas which was attended by approximately 50 Heads of All Husbandry Universities of Indonesia, and opened by Vice Rector of Planning, Cooperation and Information Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, SH., M.Hum.

(Dean of Fapet Unud, Dr. Ir. Ida Bagus Gaga Partama, MS)

Dean of Fapet Unud, Dr. Ir. Ida Bagus Gaga Partama, MS is proud to be a very strategic Munas organizer, because it can exchange information related to the improvement of curriculum as well as being a promotional media for Graduate Fapet Unud. Further Dean Fapet delivered through Munas many benefits that can be obtained such as curriculum development, preparation of learning achievement targets, alumni information and exchange of research results. This forum is also a medium to contribute ideas for the government in the field of curriculum formulation and the rapidly growing profile of graduates. The benefit for Fapet Unud as the host is to provide the opportunity for the lecturers and students involved to gain experience softskill and hardskill in organizing a national level forum.

Secretary General of FPPTPI, Prof. dr. Ir. Suyadi, MS delivered the main material discussed in this munas related to the development of curriculum in the field of livestock engineers. "The Challenge of FPPTI in the Fourth Industrial Revolutionary Era" promoted as a theme has two important points to be observed in: (1) improving the competence and competitiveness of graduates as well as, and (2) developing future education systems according to technological developments.

Currently also developed Livestock Professional Engineer Program which is the development of Animal Husbandry Program. Through the Professional Program, it is expected that the graduates have advantages in the practical field that can analyze and solve problems and be able to carry out research in the field of animal husbandry. The main points which are also discussed in the National Conference are the nomenclature of Livestock Prodi, the Curriculum of Engineering Profession Program and the management of the conductor of Livestock Prodi. The Secretary General hopes that the National Assembly can give ideas in anticipating various obstacles and take the opportunity to anticipate the problems. (HM)

(Vice Rector of Planning, Cooperation and Information of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra, SH., M.Hum when opening FPPTPI National Conference)

(Munas was followed by approximately 50 leaders of Indonesian Animal Husbandry Colleges)