Saturday (7/4/2018) at Widya Sabha Building Bukit Jimbaran, Student Executive Student Body (BEM PM) of Udayana University in cooperation with MPR RI and Kami Indonesia organized Roadshow Motivation Seminar The Spirit of Indonesia Roadshow This Motivation Seminar was held in 150 campuses throughout Indonesia, and Udayana University is the 12th campus as the organizer with the theme: "Consolidation of the Generation of Young Generation Indonesia in Building the Nation".

Seminar which was opened by Vice Rector for Student Affair Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S. this presents three renowned speakers, former Chairman of KPK, Abraham Samad, senator of DPD RI Kadek "Lolak" Arimbawa, and former member of DPR RI, Tubagus Dedi Suwendi Gumelar better known as "Miing".

President of BEM PM Unud, Kosyi Rukito in his speech said that when talking about Indonesia, it means talking about appreciating a democracy. Recently BEM PM Unud has rejected the revision of UU MD3. Because BEM wishes to have a direct dialogue with the People's Deputy, but until now has not been reached. Through this opportunity the President of BEM hopes that the People's Representatives present can receive a study from Balinese students in the hope of being acted upon by stakeholders.

Our CEO hopes that the resource persons who attended Udayana University can give spirit and understanding of Spirit of Indonesia to the young generation, especially Unud students, and in the future similar activities will be held in bigger forum to see the increasingly heavy challenge faced by the young generation as the nation's successor. (HM)