Denpasar - Udayana University through Student Executive Board (BEM-PM) participated to convey aspirations in the event of Bali Free Speaking Anything Podium (PB3AS), Sunday, (11/03/2018) held at Bajra Sandhi Renon Denpasar Square. The event was attended by the Governor of Bali, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Head of BAKH Udayana University.

(Visible Bali Governor, in the event of 'Podium Bali Bebas Bicara Apa Saja')

President of BEM-PM Unud, Kosyi Rukito in his oration criticized the issue of Regional Head Election (Pilkada) simultaneously in 2018. Kosyi said entering this year the atmosphere of Bali turned hot not because of the weather but fight over Bali 1. As it is understood that this year Indonesia will carry out pilkada the largest selection of 171 regional heads. In Bali there are three namely Gianyar Regent Elections, Klungkung Regent and Bali Governor. Many of the dramas that have occurred in previous elections due to different choices and hopefully not happen this year, especially in Bali Province. Kosyi urged not to vote because of the lure of something or coercion but must be based on conscience. We miss the wise leader who can prosper the people, for that Unud students are ready to escort the democratic party and escort the elected leader 5 years ahead. In the quiet period of June 24, 2018 PB3AS is expected to be temporarily eliminated to avoid something that is not desirable. Kosyi hopes in this election no one is forced to vote, no threat, no vote buying and the choice is an independent voice based on conscience. On the occasion Kosyi also gave an appreciation to the Provincial Government of Bali which has given space to fill PB3AS.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika appreciated the aspirations that presented by Udayana University students. Through this opportunity the Governor appealed to be careful in reading the news and not to misinterpret. Use critical power to analyze news truths. The latter issue often viral has the same dangers as the volcano erupts, therefore it should not arbitrarily respond to it. Further responding to the statement of President of BEM-PM Unud, the Governor invited BEM in a special meeting to discuss the steps that must be done in guarding the democracy party and escorting the elected leader 5 years ahead. (PR)

(Head of BAKH Unud, I G N Indra Kecapa talk with Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika)