Musrenbang 2019: Unit Activities Should Be Unidirectional With Rector Performance Policy and Contract

Denpasar - Tuesday (06/03/2018) located in Meeting Room dr. A A. Made Djelantik Faculty of Medicine Campus Sudirman Denpasar, Udayana University held Planning and Development Meeting (Musrenbang) Fiscal Year 2019. This annual event was attended by all Officials within Udayana University and implemented in the framework of perception equation so that activities conducted by units in line with the policy and Contract Rector's performance.

(Head of Planning and Finance Bureau of Unud, I Wayan Antara, SE., MM when delivering the report)

Head of Bureau of Planning and Finance of Udayana University, I Wayan Antara, SE., MM in his report delivered participants who participated in the 2019 Fiscal Year Musrenbang as many as 202 people consisting of Senate, Vice Rector, Dean and Vice Dean, Post Director and Deputy Director and Program Coordinators Study environment Unud. Furthermore, the Head of Bureau conveyed that this activity has a strategic meaning to determine the direction of development policy and the journey of Unud in the future. The success of the activities is supported by the maturity of the planning. For 2017 the budget absorption rate is only 86% and this is still far from being targeted. The 2017 absorption capacity will be a reference in 2019 budget approval. It is necessary to change the paradigm of thinking related to planning, considering future performance-based budgeting schemes, spending such as consumption and official travel costs will be minimized and diverted to capital and infrastructure expenditures. Bureau Chief hopes that through the Musrenbang activities conducted by the units can be in line with the policies and contracts of Rector's performance in an effort to improve the position of Unud both national and international level.

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) in his speech conveyed the importance of planning in the use of state finances. The ceiling of 2018 that has been accepted and expected in its implementation must be really implemented so that the percentage of achievements in accordance with the planned that is 99%. For that will be a breakthrough step with the implementation of the evaluation every quarter. The new challenge faced is Unud proclaimed as a corruption-free university marked by the signing of an integrity pact with Irjen Kemeristekdikti signed by Rector Unud on March 1, 2018. For that service must be clean and free from corruption in an effort to create a good bureaucracy.

(Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Dr. A.A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) when giving speeches)

In the Musrenbang the Vice Rectors gave exposure related to the work program in accordance with their respective fields. Exposure to work programs in the field of planning, cooperation and information systems is presented by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information. Exposure program work field Tri Dharma Higher Education that is education, research and community service submitted by Vice Rector Academic Affairs. Exposure of work program in the field of student affairs delivered by Plt. Head of Student Affairs Bureau and exposure of work program of infrastructure and budget field submitted by Vice Rector for General and Finance Affairs. At the end of the event, the signing of the Charter for the Implementation of the Development of the Corruption Free Zone of Corruption and the ceiling of the Fiscal Year 2019 to each unit was signed. (HM)

(Musrenbang) in 2019, followed by 202 people consisting of Senate, Vice Rector, Dean and Vice Dean, Director of Post and Deputy Director and Coordinator of Study Program under Unud)