Material exposure sessions by Putu Agung Prianta B.Eng. MA , Ir. I Putu Astawa, N.MA, serta DK Halim, Ph.D, GP.

Denpasar – Saturday (04/03), Student Association Sudi Landscape Architecture Program Faculty of Agriculture Unud or often called HIMARSEKAP, the title of National Seminar on Architecture of Landscape Architecture themed "Green Open Space City Based on Local Cultural Kerifan Indonesia". The event which was held in Agrokomplek lt.4 Udayana University at 09.00 WITA was attended by the academic community, both from Unud and other universities in Denpasar. They are students of agriculture, engineering, economics and business faculty, ISI Denpasar students, lecturers, faculty of agriculture faculty and internship of Jimbaran Hijau.

Reported by the chairman of the executing committee, Ni Made Ayu Regita Vidyaswari student of class of 2016 stated that, this event in addition to melakasanakan HIMARSEKAP working program of Field I Research and Development, national seminar this year is as a forum for various discussions and youth with landscape architecture professional.

"So this year we want to make this national seminar not only become a regular seminar, but this seminara can be used as a forum for discussion and sharing with speakers and practitioners who are already experts in the field of landscape architecture. In addition, for the younger generation to pay more attention to the availability of green land, not necessarily build or decorate it but note the cultural values ​​as local wisdom as well as the identity of Indonesia. "Obviously Regita.

Also present were the great and professional speakers namely Putu Agung Prianta B.Eng. MA who is the CEO of Jimbaran Hijau explained about Green City Open Space from a developer's perspective and ties it with local Indonesian cultural wisdom, Ir. I Putu Astawa, N.MA Chairman of Bali Province Bappeda The period 2013-2018 describes the regulations relating to the RTH in the city of Bali, as well as DK Halim, Ph.D, GP. Author of The N-Green Theory, COO of GBCI Bali which discusses n-green theory and architectural interrelation with psychology people .

Upon arriving at the discussion sessions, the event became increasingly crowded with the enthusiasm of the participants with various questions posed to the three speakers. Apparently SCALE this time successfully make the participants curious and keep want to ask.

"The participants are very antuasias, looks a lot of questions asked, one message I hope the knowledge gained from this seminar not only stop here but can be directly applied by both practitioners and students", said chairman of the committee SKALA 2018. (Ism)