Faculty of Tourism Unud Becomes One of Bali's Favorite Student's Favorite Destination

Jimbaran - Tuesday (27/02/2019), Udayana University received a visit of 370 students and 16 Companion Teachers from SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri, Central Java. The delegation was accepted by Head of Academic Bureau, Cooperation and Public Relations (BAKH) at Widya Sabha Auditorium Building, Bukit Jimbaran Campus.

Student Wakasek SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri, Drs. Warsino said the visit was aimed at obtaining information and adding insight considering that Unud is the largest university in Bali. In the last two years some students of SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri continue their education at the Faculty of Tourism Unud. Related to that, Warsino hopes the university can provide complete information to cultivate students' interest in continuing their education to universities, especially in Udayana University, and add insight to determine step after graduating high school.

In the discussion session, Wakasek Field Curriculum at SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri explores information related to the new admissions path, especially the independent path both in terms of implementation and financing, as well as opportunities for cooperation in the field of language education. Seeing some graduates of SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri have attended college at Faculty of Tourism Unud. The Faculty of Tourism becomes one of the students' greatest interest to continue study at Udayana University.

(Head of BAKH, Drs IGN Indra Kecapa when delivering Udayana University Student Admissions information materials)

Head of BAKH, Drs. IGN Indra Kecapa provides information related to new admissions path through self-allocated 30% and packed slightly differently for this year. Earlier independent paths use the value of SBMPTN for cost efficiency, but for this year are optimized to follow other colleges. Associated with the role in tourism development in Bali, the Faculty of Tourism has several studies to develop the potential of tourist destinations in Bali. (HM)

(Visits 370 students and 16 Companion Teachers from SMA Negeri 1 Wonogiri, Central Java to Udayana University)