Badung - Directorate General of Strengthening Research and Development together with Kemenristekdtikti Education and Training Center in cooperation with National Research Reviewer (RPN), Quantum HRM International, National Standardization Body (BSN) and LPPM Unud conduct Training of Research Reviewer, Tuesday (27/02/2018) at The Patra Bali Resort & Villas, Tuban. The training was attended by 95 participants from 24 PTN / PTS in Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Bali, NTT and NTB conducted for four days with 22 speakers with several topics such as the development of insight, core capability, application of ISO standard, analysis, accountability of research, quality assurance and guidance on the implementation of research.

(Dr. Prakoso, MM, Secretary of Directorate General of Research and Development of Kemenristekdikti when opening Research Researcher Training)

The training was opened by the Secretary of Directorate General for Research and Development of Kemenristekdikti, Ir. Prakoso, MM hoping that through this training can produce professional reviewers to create accountable accountability for various researches.

Chairman of LPPM Unud, Prof. Dr. Ir. Gede Rai Maya Temaja, MP conveyed this activity on the background of the need for a decentralized proposal reviewer which requires a certified reviewer. Currently the number of certified reviewers owned by Unud is very limited, therefore, together with some PTN / PTS Udayana University collect themselves to submit a request to the Director General of Research and Development Research and Development Kemenristekdikti to facilitate the implementation of training. The Director General responded well to the request, until the realization of RPN. The Chairman of LPPM hopes that this training can produce a competent, honest and professional reviewer in assessing the proposal.

(Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Dr. A.A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) while giving a speech in the Researchers Research Review event)

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) fully supports the implementation of this activity as it is in accordance with the mandate of Permenristekdikti No 69 of 2016 and Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 106 / PMK.2 / 2016. Further submitted, the reviewer should smoothen and make efficient research so that his productivity increases. One of them is by making an important breakthrough in the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 106 / PMK.2 / 2016 that is with the implementation of the budget based on the final output (output) of research in accordance with the qualification of quality standards that have been set in the implementation of the assessment. Rector hopes that through this training, perception can be done in implementing the regulation and arranging strategic steps to realize synergy among research institutions to achieve maximum results. (HM)

(The training was attended by 95 participants from 24 State / Private Universities in Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Bali, NTT and NTB)