Work Target Influences the Remuneration

Jimbaran - Monday (22/1/2018), the Rector of Udayana University submitted a Decision Letter to 108 Coordinator of Study Programs in the environment of Udayana University. Activities held in the Nation Room Rectorate Building Bukit Jimbaran Campus which was an implementation of the issuance of Regulation of Minister of Research and Technology No. 30 of 2016 on Organization and Administration of Udayana University where in the implementation of the Study Program, the Rector appointed a lecturer as the coordinator of the Study Program. On the occasion also held the signing of performance contracts Rector with the Dean of the Faculty and the Director of Graduate Unud.

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) in her direction gave appreciation to the Chairman of the previous leader of study program for the contribution so far. Furthermore, the Rector conveyed that Udayana University has a responsibility to the performance achievement as stated in Rector's performance contract with Minister of Research and Technology which related to the academic implementation and the Finance Minister and related to budget management. After the signing of the performance contract between the Rector and the Dean was followed by the signing of a performance contract between the Dean and the Coordinator of the Study Program to support the achievement targets of the Rector's performance with the Minister who had been previously signed.

In terms of performance achievement in 2017, 25 target achievement indicators have reached 100%, but there are still some indicators that are still lacking and there is one indicator that has not reached at all and it is namely the center of science and technology. In the future the Rector targets the establishment of a center for science and technology in tourism with the support of the Dean of the Tourism Faculty. The Rector also targets other major centers of science and technology, the Lontar study center and the Bali Cattle Study Center. This is very important because performance achievements impact on remuneration payments. To that end, the target  of the Rector must be supported by the target performance achievement of the faculty with its respective weights. If the target achievement of faculty is only achieved 50% then the remuneration is only paid 50% as well as the performance contract of the Rector with the Ministry.

Related to the determination of the Coordinator of the Study Program, which amounted to 108 people, the Rector said this is not easy to decide and takes 42 days based on incoming aspirations. The Coordinator of the Study Program is expected to work best to refer the established performance targets. The first thing to do is accreditation because there is no longer study program are accreditated C. For those who have reached B to be upgraded to A and A to follow international accreditation such as AUN (Asean University Network). Determining the Coordinator who is the spearhead of running the study program is the implementation required by the new Unud’s OTK. In the future there will also be a refresher in the form of leadership training for the Coordinator of Study Program. The Rector also hopes that the Coordinator of the Study Program can immediately carry out its duties and execute the budget in accordance with the prevailing regulations and report on performance achievements once every three months. (PR)