Through Udayana Dentistry Scientific Seminar 2017, Introducing Veneer and Dental Photography

Material by Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, M.Si. Sp. in the Theater Room of Widya Sabha Faculty of Medicine, Unud.


Denpasar (October 21, 2017), Student Association of Dentistry Study Program, Udayana University held Udayana Dentistry Scientific Seminar 2017. This National Seminar is an annual agenda themed "an Update of Aesthetic Restoration: Veneer and Dental Photography."

"It is aimed to educate and inform students of dentistry and dentists if there is the new aesthetic technique and new restoration on veneer and dental photography." Luh Made Diva Sasmita Pradnyani, as a chairman of Dentistry Scientific Seminar Committee, said.

The speakers who attended this event are drg. Yusuf Bagus Pamungkas, Sp.KG with Aesthetic Direct Class 2 Composite Restoration material, drg. Setiawan Bonificius, Sp. Pros with the topics of the Porcelain Veneer, Not Just About Preparation and the last is Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, M.Si. Sp. with the topic of Antibiotic Resistant on Dentist Practice in the Era Multi Drug Resistance.

It is held in the Theater Room Widya Sabha, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University as many as 450 participants from among students of Dentistry and Dentistry participated in this seminar.

Besides given some seminar material exposure, in Clinical Microbiology Aspect, the participants get "Hands On" in the form of Veneer and Dental Photography.

The organizing of this event also cooperates with the sponsor by displaying exhibitions related to tools and materials that can support the performance of Dentist.