Denpasar - One of Professor in Udayana University from Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Ir. I Gede Putu Wirawan, M.Sc.Ph.D received the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Award 2017, Friday (22/09/2017) at the residence of Consulate General of Japan, Renon, Denpasar. The award was handed over directly by the Consul General of Japan, Hirohisa CHIBA representing the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan who was witnessed by Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information Affairs, Dean Faculty of Agriculture and Dean Faculty of Tourism Udayana University.

(Prof. Gede Putu Wirawan when received the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Award)

Prof. Gede Putu Wirawan is Professor of Faculty of Agriculture Udayana who currently served as Head of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Molecular Biology of Udayana University. In 1990 Prof. Wirawan received a scholarship from the Japanese government to continue his Master and Doctorate at Nagoya University, Japan and continued his Post Doctoral study at Shinsu University in 1997. After completing his studies and returning to Udayana University, Prof. Wirawan actively bridged the cooperation between Udayana University with some of universities in Japan such as Nagoya University, Shinshu University, Akita University and Yamaguchi University. Currently Prof. Wirawan became Professor of Guest at Nagoya University and Shinshu University and was appointed "Exteral Evaluator Global Engineering Program" at Yamaguchi University. Through his involvement in enhancing cooperation with various universities in Japan, Prof. Wirawan believes that the cooperation between Indonesia and Japan is very beneficial for the development of science as well as the enhancement of friendly relations between the two nations.

Consul General of Japan, Hirohisa Chiba in his speech representing the Japanese Foreign Minister conveyed that the award was awarded to people who have contributed remarkably in improving friendly relations between Japan and other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has announced the recipients of the award in 2017 including 3 people from Bali including Prof. Ir. I Gede Putu Wirawan, M.Sc.Ph.D, Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, M.A and Dra. Ni Ketut Karsi, M.Pd. During this time Prof. Wirawan is very active in bridging cooperation in various programs such as research on molecular mechanism of Crown Gall Tumor Infection with Nagoya University and cooperating with Japanese company "Takino Filter" to conduct research and development of Environmental Regeneration Survey Pilot. Through this opportunity the Consul General of Japan expressed his appreciation to Prof. Wirawan for his contribution to the Japanese government and hope this cooperation can continue so that the relationship of friendship between the two nations is increasing. (PR)

(Photo together after award submission to Prof. Ir. I Gede Putu Wirawan, M.Sc., Ph.D)