International Conference on Biosciences and Biotechnology 2017

Material Exposure in International Conference on Biosciences and Biotechnology 2017

Denpasar- Thursday-Friday, 14th-16th of September 2017 were held the International Conference on Biosciences and Biotechnology. This event was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of agriculture faculty and the 50th anniversary of Udayana University. The theme taken this year is "Biosciences and Biotechnology for a Sustainable Life". International Conference on Biosciences and Biotechnology 2017 held on the 3rd floor of Seminar Room of Post Graduate Building of Udayana University at Jl. P.B Sudirman Denpasar.

On the first day, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Rai, M.S. as the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture officially opened the activity. Furthermore, it was continued with delivering the material by the main speaker, Prof. Takuya Marumoto (Former President of Yamaguchi University) and Dr. Inez S. Loedin (International Rice Research Institute). Then on the next event filled by the speakers invitation, namely Prof. Yoshihiro Natori (Japan), Prof. Dr. Acram Taji (University of Queensland, Australia), Prof. Bambang Sugiarto (University of Jember), and Prof. I G. P. Wirawan, Ph.D. (Udayana University), as well as Dr. Alex Johnson (Australia). After the material exposure was completed, it then proceeded with the parallel sessions divided into five groups with different subject matter. The materials discussed in this parallel session were group 1 (pest and disease or crop protection), group 2 (agronomy and plant sciences), group 3 (fertilizer or soil science), and group 4 (molecular biology, biochemistry, agricultural biology techniques and health) and group 5 (soil microbiology or soil science).

On the second day, it filled with the invited speakers Kahar Muzakkar, S.Si. (University of Jember), Dr. Debbie S. Retnoningrum (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Dr. Ir. I Made Tasma, M.Sc. (BB Biogen), Prof. Young Je You (Korea), Dr. Eng. Himawan Tri Bayu, M.P. (Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta), and Prof. Dr. Hitoshi Miyasaka (Sojo University, Japan) and Dr. Student Setyahadi (BPPT Indonesia). Then it proceeded with parallel sessions with the discussion material about the landscape, socio-economic agriculture, and livestock as well as scholarship scheme special lecture to study in Japan. Along with material from invited speakers and parallel sessions also held a meeting of KBI (Biotechnology Consortium of Indonesia).

The Enthusiasm of Participants in International Conference on Biosciences and Biotechnology 2017

This activity has been held eight times with participants from several regions in Indonesia. Participants in this year's activities amounted to 150 people, consisting of students, lecturers, and researchers coming from universities and some institutions. Preparation of this activity has been done since six months ago with a committee consisting of lecturers and students of the agricultural faculty.

The background of the holding of this activity is that in human life sustainability will be important so that the agricultural world must be kept on going. Matters relating to agriculture should be sought to continue. So experts from various countries who joined in this activity is expected to find its findings can be useful and can help in meeting the needs of human life.

Dr. Ir. I Dewa Putu Oka Suardi, M.Si., the head of Agribusiness Program, Faculty of Agriculture who is also the chairman of the committee, revealed that he is very happy to work for this event, because it is something useful for agricultural development for human welfare. "That's our idealism, so all of the committees must be successful on doing this job. The expectations for further activities can be extended to more participants ", he said. (fai)