The 55th Dies Natalis of Udayana University Successfully held a National Youth Seminar

The atmosphere of Widyasabha Building during the National Youth Seminar Took Place

The 55th Dies Natalis of Udayana University in cooperation with BEM PM Udayana University successfully held a National Youth Seminar with theme "INSPIRED BY PEOPLE, DRIVEN BY PASSION", Saturday (09/09). The Youth National Seminar, held at Widyasabha Auditorium Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran Campus is one of three series of the 55th Dies Natalis of Udayana University. The seminar presented three speakers: Niluh Djelantik (Entrepreneur), Dion Wiyoko (Actor), and Irvandias Sanjaya (Founder Indonesian Youth Action)  

Dion Wiyoko when Presenting His Material


Niluh Djelantik when Presenting Her Material


Irvandias Sanjaya when Presenting His Material


This seminar is conducted in order to inspire young people to be light in the dark that is not just to be a spectator but later can be a person who inspires others.

"I expect that by holding this National Youth Seminar, we can synergize for Indonesia later, if someone can change something to be a positive impact, what if 1500 people present can have a positive impact for Indonesia and students out there," Khosyi Rukito, the chairman of the 55th Dies Natalis commitee, stated.

The National Youth Seminar that has been prepared for approximately 3 months had run smoothly. Participants who presented this event are fifteen hundred people from various circles. (siva)