Bukit Jimbaran - Udayana University in cooperation with the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) held Socialization of Development Policy and Development Functional Archive Office on Wednesday (06/09/2017) at LPPM Unud Campus Building Bukit Jimbaran. This activity was one of the follow-up activities of cooperation between both parties and ANRI efforts to realize the implementation of archives as regulated in Provision 27 of Law Number 43 Year 2009 on Archives which need to be supported by professional human resources. Socialization activities were opened by the Head of General Bureau and followed by the Heads of Section and Archivist who are in the neighborhood of Unud.

Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi, Head of General Bureau of Unud in his speech conveyed according to the new OTK, Archives of Unud is under the auspices of Sub Division of Administration. In the future, it is planned that an archive center will be established which will manage the archives thoroughly, since the archive is one of the university's spearheads. Through this occasion, the General Bureau hopes to get inputs and references regarding archival governance which is used as a much needed audit script, especially when internal and external audits require archives as things of evidence and tools of evidence. To overcome it, the development of digital archives is expected which begins with the digitization of the archives in the form of a graduation book. The Bureau of the General also hoped that through socialization there was understanding and reciprocity for the archives development at the University.

(Dr Ketut Amoga Sidi, Head of Unud General Bureau with socialization speaker Muhammad Sumitro, SH., MAP when giving speeches)

The keynote speaker of socialization was Muhammad Sumitro, SH., MAP who serves as Director of Human Resource and ANRI Certification. In his presentation Muhammad Sumitro delivered the archive is a recording of activity or events in the form of media in accordance with technological developments. Currently existing archives are available in digital form in accordance with the era of technological development. In addition, photo is also one form of archive that can be a proof of an event or activity. Furthermore, Muhammad Sumitro conveyed the objectives of archiving such as ensuring the creation of archives of the activities undertaken by the institution, ensuring the availability of authentic and reliable archives, ensuring the realization of reliable archive management and improving the quality of public services in the management and utilization of the archives.

After the implementation of socialization was expected archive management at Udayana University to be better than before and can guarantee the availability of an authentic and reliable archive in improving the quality of public services. (PR)

(Located at LPPM Building Unud Campus Bukit Jimbaran, Socialization Activity followed by Heads of Divisions and Archivists in Udayana University)

(Souvenir Delivery to the  speaker by Head of General Bureau)