UNUD Held Orientation Udayana International Study Program GoStudy

Bukit Jimbaran (28/08/2017) - Udayana University through the Center for International Programs (CIP) carried out the Orientation for the Program "Udayana International Study Program in Physiotherapy and Personal Trainer" was held at CIP Kampus Bukit Jimbaran Building. The orientation was the initial introduction before the students attended the 16-week lecturer that followed by 119 Norwegian students.

Director of CIP, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, Ph.D., M.Si., Ak., CA conveyed this activity was one of international cooperation that implemented by Unud with GoStudy based in Norway. Until the beginning of September, Unud will receive about 700 foreign students so that the total amounts for this semester up to 819 foreign students who attended lectures both in the GoStudy program, GoBali, and BIPAS. Until now, Unud has the most international programs, especially for credit transfer program. There are about 20 students will attend the lecture at ICMS Sidney, Australia which had previously been visited there. Further, Sri Harta Mimba delivered Physiotherapy Program and Personal Trainer very well appointed in the future because of being "Booming" in Norway because Norwegian Government is not making hospital but have program of healthy citizen.

(Direktur CIP, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, Ph.D., M.Si.,Ak.,CA saat mebuka acara orientasi)

Orientation participants will be trained to be sports instructors through classroom lectures and the practice of using equipment. Sri Harta Mimba also conveyed this activity is also an implementation of cooperation with "Dikti" of Norway. The orientation participants get scholarships from the Norwegian Government which has very tight selection. Sri Harta Mimba expects the program to be of increasing quality and accommodate the needs of the conditions in Norway and to attract more foreign students to study at Unud.

The program Secretary of GoStudy expressed the program's goal is to develop student talents through academic foundations and professional approaches in order to be able to provide instructors to the community. The program is also expected to provide a good academic base and good practice base to become a professional instructor.

Representatives from Faculty of Medicine Unud who also present on this occasion expressed the hope of this program can build a communicative person so that the graduates produced have a good knowledge of clinical reasoning and provide professional services to clients according to their needs. (PR)

(119 mahasiswa asal Norwegia yang mengikuti program orientasi gostudy)