“Program Bela Negara”, Unud Accepted the Visitation of Balitbang Team of Kemhan RI

Bukit Jimbaran - Udayana University received a visit from Balitbang Team of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia on Wednesday (09/08/2017). The visit was conducted in the framework of the implementation of one of the Balitbang activities program on the Evaluation Result of Penyelenggaraan Pembinaan Kesadaran Bela Negara (PKBN) in the Region (Phase I). The focus of the visit was the collection of data that related to the implementation  Penyelenggaraan Pembinaan Kesadaran Bela Negara (PKBN) with research focus in the environment of education, work environment and settlement environment in Bali.

Team Balitbang Kemhan RI was received by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information with Vice Rector for Student Affairs Unud. The meeting was held in Nusa Room Rectorate Building, Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The event were also attended by Head of Academic Bureau, Cooperation and Public Relations, Lecturer of PPKB, BEM, DPM, Student Regiment and UKM Marching Band Udayana University.

(Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information of Udayana University, Prof. Drs I Made Suastra, Ph.D in giving speeches)

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information of Udayana University, Prof. Drs. I Made Suastra, Ph.D in his speech said previously there has been an expedition of the archipelago. The results of these activities have been documented and can be aired at any time because through these activities we can feel Indonesia is made up of many different ethnic groups but become one unity. Further Prof. Suastra conveyed the situation and condition of the country in the future that we must be more aware how to unite the mind for the unitary state, establishing the state's joints Pancasila and enhance the sense of nationality. It is the basis for future generations to share the struggle of our predecessors in the struggle for independence. Our task as a successor is to strive and strengthen and create something better for the nation. Fraternity needs to be built wherever we are. Prof. Suastra hopes that the results of the discussion can be disseminated to the students to provide an understanding of the nation starting from the campus to create positive changes for the nation.

(Brig. Gen TNI, Ahmad Saefudin, SE.,MM, as a Kapuslitbang Sumdahan Balitbang)

Brig. Gen. Ahmad Saefudin, SE., MM, as Kapuslitbang Sumdahan Balitbang Kemhan on this occasion delivered that Balitbang got the task from the Ministry of Defense to conduct research that related to Bela Negara. Furthermore, Ahmad said that in the past few years, there have been researches related to Bela Negara, which activities have a high volume and the program has done quite a lot. Other activities to attract people interested in the awareness of Bela Negara have also been implemented. From the results of a new study 63% awareness of Bela Negara so it needs to be socialized to the community components. The most important thing of the activity of Bela Negara is how to cultivate a sense of love to the state and awareness of nation and state. Through this activity the team is expected to get input for improvement in Bela Negara program and that must be done in the future.

In the discussion, student representatives from BEM PM Unud gave inputs for civic education to start early. Input was also given by the lecturer of PPKB that related to Pancasila and Citizenship education which must be linear between primary and higher education. The Balitbang team also encouraged students to join the Bela Negara program and ask BEM PM and Menwa to socialize the activities. (PR)

(Took place in Nusa Room Rectorate Building Campus Bukit Jimbaran. In this event attended Balitbang Team Kemhan RI, The Head of Academic Bureau, Cooperation and Public Relation, PPKB Lectures, BEM, DPM, Student Regiment and Marching Band UKM of Udayana University)